The Academia Navalis is the naval branch of the Selucian military. It is a part of the Imperial Grand Headquarter.

Here in the Academia Navalis the Selucian Navy and her officers are learning and teaching the newest developments and tactics of naval warfare. As an island based nation the Empire begun early to found some kind of academy for her navy.

Navigating by itsself is a hard job and need all attention someone can give It is far more difficult to include tactical movement to survive a sea battle, especially in former times.
Since the introduction of GPS and satelites it is easier to navigate but skills ar still needed to lead a fleet or just a single vessel into the battle and survive this. Over the past decades and centuries naval warfare went throu the developement of new weapons and possibilities. These new possibilities force sea nations to work out new tactics and , if needed, new types of ships.
Based on Selucia's naval warfare and their results the Empire has a lot of experience which is teached in the Academia Navalis. This includes also practical learning on the different Imperial vessels as well as with the different weapons.

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