Admiral Lord Gregorov Celeske III Admiral Lord Gregorov Celeske III
Born 5 April, 2264
Birth Place Riverford, Peghonai, Kundrati Union
Died n/a
Political Party Kundrati Liberal Democrats
Party Positions Retired
Previous Party Positions Party Leader, Shadow Finance Minister
Time as Shadow Finance Minister 2323-2326
Time as Party Leader 2217-2323
Constituency Pilgon
Years in the Kundrati Senate 2317-2329

Admiral Lord Gregorov Celeske III is the leader of the Kundrati Liberal Democrats, A former Admiral of the Navy, was Admiral of the fleet when retired. Had a defense force career for over 35 years, however has been involvd in the Kundrati liberal Democrats since the begining which led to his apointment as leader even though having disagreements with other party sources, such as Morris Scullin.

Life Edit

Born a member of the Nobility, even though he is a cousin of the original royal bloodline, his family still were entitled to their royal properties and assets even though the Monarchy was deposed of 200 years ago.

He had a good upbringing, sent straight to Military prep School when he was 14. when 16 he decided to go to the Navy, and so started at the Keita Naval Academy.

Defence Force CareerEdit


Political Career Edit

Admiral Lord Gregorov Celeske III started his political career near the end of his military career, he thought that his political persuassions whilst being a defence aide would inhibit his duties to serve the Consul of the Kundrati Union, so he resigned as an Admiral and a defence aide, and joined as a permanent member of the Kundrati Liberal Democrats and fought for a seat in the Kundrati Union Senate, he was successful and each time he went to election as a leader the Party would increase their representation within the Senate. However he didn't meet the Kundrati Liberal Democrats goal of winning 3 prefectural governments in 2323 so he retired before facing a challenge by friend/foe Morris Scullin. Due to his honourable departure as leader of the party Morris Scullin placed Gregorov as the Finance Minister in which he held for 1 term, then finally resigning to the backbench. after the 2329 election he made the decision to resign and give room to new blood to the party as he quoted. He now is a member of the Party Executive Council and earned a membership for life due to his work towards the party's success in the last decade.

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