Aldegar Social Democratic Party
Leader Robert Cannington
Founded 2256
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Frihet, Somasi
Nation Republic of Aldegar
Ideology Social democracy
Political Position Left
International Affiliations Socialist International
International Secularist Society
Colours ffa000
Website [1]

The Aldegar Social Democratic Party is a political party in the Republic of Aldegar. It is generally seen as socialist and left-wing.

Beginnings (2256-2268)Edit

The ASDP was founded in 2256 in the City of Frihet by Robert Cannington, a socialist who wanted his personal views, which fell somewhere in between the Fenner Brockway Socialist Party and the Marxist Party, to be represented in the Aldegar legislature. After proposing several bills and campaigning through two elections, he had nine MGCs (Members of the Grand Council) elected, all of them in Hikirena where the ASDP had a particularly good showing following an endorsement from a local labour union. Although he was defeated in his own electoral district, he held his position as leader. The next two elections saw no luck for Cannington, but the original nine Social Democratic MGCs were joined by 24 more, giving the ASDP a chance to break out into Aldegarian politics.

First Sucesses (2269-2272)Edit

However, the ASDP were not content with their 33 seats and started campaigning heavily during the next election cycle. Their efforts produced great results: the ASDP got a record high of 86 MGCs elected, including Robert Cannington and 30 other MGCs in Somasi, where the ASDP obtained almost 40% of all votes cast. With the Fenner Brockway Socialist Party and the Marxist Party at almost an exact tie (the FBSP had 145 seats and the Marxists had 144), the ASDP held considerable clout in the Grand Council. In practice, whoever had the ASDP vote with them got all of their bills passed. A new cabinet proposal was floated with the ASDP coming into Cabinet for the first time in its history; this would eventually come later though.

The Dark AgesEdit

However, a new party entered Aldegarian politics that would threaten to destroy everything that the ASDP had stood for: the newly-formed Centre-Right Coalition. The Centre-Rights started out small, winning only 37 seats in the Grand Council, but they won a majority of seats in the right-leaning state of Hikirena. The next elections, on the other hand, proved to be disastrous for the ASDP, the Marxists and Fenner Brockway alike. The Centre-Rights went from 37 to over 100 MGCs practically overnight, increasing their majority with every election. Soon, they had over 50% of seats in the Grand Council, enough to produce a majority government. The Marxists left Aldegarian politics soon after the CRC's proposal to give themselves full control of Cabinet. The ASDP and Fenner Brockway managed to take most of the Marxists' electoral strongholds of the manufacturing cities of Amuro; however, it was not enough to prevent another CRC majority. The CRC started a belligerent, restrictive, homophobic and sometimes even fascist regime that Aldegar would need a very long time to heal itself from.

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