The Anarchist Party in the Valruzian Federation was founded by Luke Avean z'Dragchon or LAzD, at approximately the same time as three other parties, two of which are now defunct.

After the party's first, highly successful election, Gaihren neCebant took power, in what z'Dragchon and supporters called a coup.

NeCebant appointed several of his friends to key party positions, and replaced z'Dragchon as the Presidential candidate with Kayanh Odanaroh, who proceeded to win the next election.

The name was later changed the the Anarchists of Valruzia.

Finally, when the founders became too old to run the party any more, z'Dragchon was put in statis and a new leaderhip too over.

The leadership changed the name to the Alliance for Natural Law and made population control and keeping kids out of the hands of bad parents key issues.


Today the Alliance for Natural Law holds to a strongly Social Darwinist platform, calling for the elimination of stupid people, both by natural means and by government efforts from Valruzia, and for better treatment of children.

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