The Alliance of the Hosian Left was founded in 2126 by the Orthodox Socialist Party of Hobrazia, it was created to promote the leftist values espoused in the Bible. Among some of the priorities of the A.C.L. were the promotion of alms to the poor (and often fair economic models), tolerance, ecumenism, and compassion towards the constituencies.

Mission Statement Edit

«The Alliance of the Hosian Left is an international organization catering to non-rightwing Hosian parties. Liberation theologians, Hosian socialists, communalists, Hosian anarchists, and all who take Eliyahu's values to heart and actively seek to help the less fortunate are welcome.»

Affiliations with other International Organizations Edit

Hosian League Edit

The Alliance of the Hosian Left served a seat on the Ecumenical Council of the Hosian League, represented by the Orthodox Socialist Party (Hobrazia).

Witness for Hosianism and Socialism Edit

Although not officially affiliated, the two organizations shared several members. The Orthodox Socialist Party (Hobrazia) also chaired the Witness for Hosianism and Socialism.

Member ListEdit