Since 2178 the Allied HQ is located in the outer circle of Auroria, capital of Selucia. A wonderful representative castle with a huge garden offers all the needed rooms. Selucian military engineers built a massive and huge bunker complex several hundred meters under the earth equipped with modern command and communication systems.

The Allied HQ deals with all aspects of military organisation. This includes trading routes, sea-lanes and flight routes. Also economic development is a focus, the HQ has a special branch dedicated to this. Some conflicts may break out over minerals or other strategic resources.

Troop deployments, joint field exercices, naval and airforce exercises and military training missions to member nations are planned and realised here. Also diplomatic negotiations or high level meetings of politicans can be held here, one of the safest locations on Terra.

Security LevelEdit

The security level of the Allied HQ is always on high alert. The Selucian Empire stationed one Imperial Regiment called Death Head. Another stationed unit is the 1st Security Regiment maned by Deltarian volunteers.

For airdefence purpose the Allied HQ has three anti-aircraft and three anti-rocket regiments placed in the area of the Castle Golden Sun

Two interceptor squadrons are always ready to take off.

Commanding StructureEdit

Allied HQ structure Branch Rank Name Staff High Supreme Commander Fieldmarshall von Blomberg General Uxbridge Espionage General Phillips Major Lukes and Captain Andrews Recon General Babic Major Hayes and Captain Yukonvic Army General Picton General Lievens and Captain Michaels Navy Rear Admiral Horthy Major Charles and Captain Williams Airforce Air Marshall Taylor Major Hillington and Captain Spikes Foreign Armies General Smith Major James and Captain Kietel Field exercises General Archer Major Clovers and Captain Frich Training programs General Tutovic Major Problem and Captain Planet Economical situation General Buggins Major Casher and Captain Dove Maps and Archives General Carter Major Hiller and Captain Luzon

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