The Anti-Libertarian Alliance is committed to the triumph of sense over Libertarian thought. Its members stand united against a tide of madness, believing that a government, whether it be of the people or for the people, should aid its populace wherever possible.

The ALA is against selling out its own people in favour of corporations; protecting the rights of the innocent individual over the guilty or the conglomerate powerhouse. We stand against societal suicide wrought by flagrant deregulation, such as the deregulation of drugs and firearms that would fill our streets with addicts and murderers.

While the sick and poor huddle in our midst, terrified to leave their homes at night... it is the hand of the government that should feed and clothe and protect them. The state can protect its own, because its interest is its people!

The corporate insanity of Libertarianism must be brought to its knees and slain in the name of justice.

We stand together. We stand united. We stand for:

Peace, Prosperity, Loyalty and Honour.

Now online as a real political org: Anti-Libertarian Alliance



Full MembersEdit

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