The Anti-Likatonia Defensive Treaty is an international treaty between Valruzia, Lodamun, and Telamon, which was formed in response to the threat of fascism from their neighbor Likatonia. The need for this treaty has faded as the Likaton Fascist Front and its allies lost control of the Likatonian Convocation.

The treaty has recently recieved renewed attention with The United Republics of Ludamun trying to revive the treaty. The Republic of Telamon is no longer a member of the treaty.

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History: Anti-Likatonia Defensive Treaty, Keymon-Likatonia Crisis

Demographics: Likaton, The Sacred Order of the Tears of Termani Greater Likatonia: Northern Hukatai, Western Meria

People: Howard Johnson, Alan Reynolds, Robert Turner, Josif Iskartovich

Religion: The Sacred Order of the Tears of Termani

Politics in Likatonia
Axis Mundi parties - Axis Mundi Revolution, Axis Mundi SLP, AM Eastern Likaton Independence Party, Democratic Workers' Party, Conservative Liberal Party, Orange Order of Greater Likatonia - LDA

CMDLS parties - Separatist Coalition's Army, People's Confederal Army, Marxist-Separatist Front Of Meria, General Confederation of Labour

Independent parties - Civil Liberties Party, Likaton Fascist Front

Sports in Likatonia
Soccer - North Seleyan Football Association
Geography: Jahmaika | Culture: Lodamun News Agency - Pantherism | History: Brotherhood of the Three Shields - Deltarian Occupation | Notable Lodamese: Millar the Abdicater - Kardovan of Bandorra - Hakeem Zulu Shabazz - Gen. Theodore Teddington - Nick Griffin - Milice Patriotique - Everitt Diggory - Adam Wayne
Active Lodamun Parties
National Royalist Front | Lodamese Worker's Royalist Party | National Monarchist Party
Inactive Lodamun Parties
Anarchist Party of Lodamun | Black People's Party | Five Nations Liberal Party | Lodamun National Front | Machiavellian Party | Orange Liberty Party | Lodamun Liberal-Conservative Party | United Republics Party | Nationalist Party
History of Telamon

Geography and Climate

People: WIP

Politics in Telamon
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