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The Anti-Multiculturalism League was set up to get Multiculturalism stopped in all nations. They believe that Multiculturalism destroys cultures and will create one world culture. They believe all cultures are unique so should be preserved and respected. They want Immigration to stop in all nations and no more refugees taken in. They also believe that Multiculturalism is used by terrorists to get into country’s to carry out there acts of terrorism on the people of that nation. Multiculturalism also steals people with trades in Health service from nations that are in need of them. Multiculturalism Is Immoral and should be stopped at all costs.

They welcome all parties of any race, religion etc... They need to be united to save the unique cultures of our world.

They are not racist and do not like to follow Communist words like 'Racist' and 'Political Corectness'.


This organization was founded by the Telamon National Party in February 2093.



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