The Atheist International Front, set up in 2232, is an organisation of likeminded parties from across Terra who all oppose the existence of religion. It matters not what side of the social spectrum that a party joins from, as long as they oppose religion.

This organistion was founded by the Dolgarian People's Front, formerly known as the Duchy's People's Party of Keymon, because we have witnessed first hand what a government can do in the name of religion. We have seen the oppression suffered by the public due to a fanatic government and we strongly believe that the time has come to put an end to such excuses. Do away with religion and no government can hide behind it.

The single aim of this organisation, just in case you haven't already picked up on it, is to rid Terra of religion. We support anyone who attempts such a task and back them to use any means necessary whether it be through the political system or through the streets, religion is nothing more than an excuse for a governments oppression of the people.

So all atheists are welcome to join we don't care about your other political beliefs, just as long as you oppose religion.

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