Atria is another name for Peninsular Dorvik, or the three counties of Kordusia, Largonia, and Miktar. The coasts are very varied, from balmy and palmy to cold and old. The interior is rocky and forested. This area was home to the Dorvin people, and was the area controlled by the Kingdom of Dorvik with its capital at Paddock. The Dorvin originally spoke Atrian, a language that died out along with the Druid culture after the import of Christianity. Root crops like beets (originally brought from Endralon) and potatoes and green vegetables like kale are the most common foods. Atria is the base for heavy industry and mining in Dorvik. It is also the home of tourism, with Largonia's beaches and Miktar's scenic rail routes. Atrian counties tend to be more conservative and libertarian than the insular counties, Dorvan and Mothar.

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