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Baltusian Congress
Legislature of Baltusia
Majority SpeakerRandolph Gilbert, Patriotic Party of Baltusia
since December 4216
Political groupsGovernment (439)
  •       Patriots (242)
  •       BDGP (120)
  •       Republicans (77)

Opposition (261)

  •       SSPB (101)
  •       RAC (67)
  •       Moderates (54)
  •       Peoples Party (39)
Voting systemD'hondt Method
Last electionDecember 4208
Meeting place
Congress Building, Villita, Albiland, Baltusia
Web site
The Baltusian Congress is the unicameral legislature of Baltusia. They meet in Congress Building, which is located in Villita, Albiland State, Baltusia.

Elections are held every 4 years simultaneously with the Presidential Election and State Gubernatorial Elections, using the D'hondt Method. A member of Congress is called a Congressman or woman. Seats are distributed across the 5 states according to population.

Powers Edit

Overview Edit

Whilst Baltusia officially has a 'Presidential System' of government, the Baltusian Congress is extremely powerful.

The 'President and Commander-in-Chief' fulfills the role of the executive, and only they have the right to introduce a cabinet. However, Congress has to pass a bill confirming it with at least 351 votes in favour.

The Baltusian Congress can also hold early election motions. As with the Cabinet Proposal, for a snap election call to pass, at least 351 votes are needed in favour.

To add to that, any piece of legislation, whether it originated in Congress or in the executive must be approved by the legislative. As a result, Congress is regarded as the most powerful body.

Constitutional Powers Edit

  • Ability to amend the constitution with a 2/3rd majority
  • Pass or reject all bills and legislation
  • Propose and create laws/motions
  • Approve or reject cabinet proposals
  • Ratify treaties and international agreements
  • Pass or reject budgets

Current Allocation of Seats Edit

This is the current distribution of seats in the Baltusian Congress:

Current Congressional Seat Allocation
Alliance Name Seats in Congress
Baltusian Centrist Alliance Baltusian Republican Party
77 / 700
Patriotic Party of Baltusia
242 / 700
Baltusian Democratic Green Party (BDGP)
120 / 700
Left Party Bloc Moderate Party
54 / 700
Revolutionary Anarcho-Communist Party (RAC)
67 / 700
Secularist Socialist Party of Baltusia (SSPB)
101 / 700
Peoples Party
39 / 700
Non Affiliated Parties
Alliance Total Number of Seats State Governors
Baltusian Centrist Alliance
439 / 700
4 / 5
Left Party Bloc
261 / 700
1 / 5
Non Affiliated Parties
0 / 700
0 / 5

Speakers of Congress Edit

Majority Speakers Edit

Name Political Party Term(s) of Office
Alexandra Flanders Patriotic Party of Baltusia December 4208 December 4212
December 4212 December 4216
Randolph Gilbert December 4216 Incumbent

Minority Speakers Edit

Name Political Party Term(s) of Office
Philippa Carter Secularist, Socialist Party of Baltusia December 4208 December 4212
December 4212 December 4216
Lily Hardy December 4216 Incumbent

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