Category: International Trade Drafted on: March 2153 Proposed By: Barmenistan Liberal Party
This treaty will recognize the following:
  1. A free trade act with the Democratic Republic of Barmenistan
  2. The strengthening of economic ties between the Democratic Republic of Barmenistan and signatory states
The articles of this treaty are as follows:
  1. All imports from Democratic Republic of Barmenistan shall receive no tariffs or duties;
  2. In return the Democratic Republic of Barmenistan shall not impose tariffs and duties on imports from signatory states;
  3. No other treaty shall be signed if it violates the articles of this agreement.


NationDate of Ratification
Union of Vanuku February 2156
Dundorf Demokratische Republik September 2156
Selucian Empire February 2157
State of Indrala August 2157
Commonwealth of Rutania March 2158
Dynastic Commonwealth of Pontesi and Gran Tadraki January 2167
Disputed Territories of Beiteynu and Gran Tadraki November 2174
Republic of Mordusia July 2178
Independent Wantuni Republic August 2180
Free Republic of Dorvik November 2181
Republica Baltusia September 2194
United Kingdom of Beluzia and Bailon July 2199
Hegemonic Empire of Solentia May 2200
Democratic Republic of Aloria July 2201
Republic of Trigunia June 2212
Repubblica Istaliana June 2263
Christian Duchy of Keymon March 2284