The Beiteynu Resistance Committee is the official grouping of Jewish political forces in Beiteynu. It was formed in opposition to the Pontesian takeover of Tadraki and Endlid and sees the restoration of Jewish sovereignty over the regions as its number one priority. Until recently it claimed to hold sovereignty over all five Mehoz of Beiteynu but has since handed power over to the Sanhedrin.







Whilst Ma'avak agrees that the political process is important it also accepts the freedom is also won on a base of political rebellion. The paramilitary wing of the party is known as Jüdische Widerstandarmee (Jewish Resistance Army) and is primarily linked to attacks on Pontesian military camps. The group, led by General of the Resistance Lavi Ben-Tzvi, has been accused of targetting innocent civilians but it rejects this claiming that armed Pontesians are its main target.

Judean People's FrontEdit

Habonim DrorEdit

The Habonim Dror are a largely pacifist organization composed of a wide variety of religious beliefs. Its membership also consists of a disproportionate number of rabbis. As a result of its pacifism, the Habonim Dror generally refrain from taking life and instead engage in the destruction of Pontesian military and government facilities in Beiteynu. They also participate in civil disobedience and political demonstrations. They make frequent use of the slogan, "Non-Violence is Not Non-Resistance."

The party formerly known as LikudEdit

Christian Zionist PartyEdit

The last of the members. They helped kick out the evil musulms from power!



The political side of the organisation is led by General Secretary Moshe Ne'eman and was one of the first to register as a legal party following the collapse of the Judean People's Front dictatorship. Initially it was intended to exist simply as a front for the paramilitary wing but later evolved into a concentrated movement to attain power for Jews of Beiteynu

Judean People's FrontEdit

Habonim DrorEdit

Habonim Dror derives much of its inspiration from the Talmud and the Torah. As a result, the politics of the Habonim Dror are rather rare. In terms of economics, the party holds a moderately socialist position. However, on many social issues, the party is moderately conservative. Habonim Dror is a main proponent of social justice, pacifism, and tolerance.

The party formerly known as LikudEdit


History of the Beiteynu Resistance Committee

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