• BreakDownSoul


    July 4, 2017 by BreakDownSoul


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  • Arapaima13


    June 29, 2017 by Arapaima13
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  • Labbbor

    What we all need to realize is that this game could be so much better if the mods sold it to some peopl who actually gave a damn.

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  • Masionette9


    April 19, 2017 by Masionette9
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  • Jamescfm

    Community Cooperation

    February 16, 2017 by Jamescfm

    Improvement and updating has begun on the 'Collaborations' and 'Most Wanted Pages' sections of the Wiki. We aim to utilise these as a way for players who want to help improve the Wiki but aren't sure where to begin to focus on the areas which require improvement.

    As ever, please contact an Admin/ Moderator with feedback or suggestions!

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  • Jamescfm

    General Wiki Feedback

    January 20, 2017 by Jamescfm

    As I briefly suggested in my last post, we welcome any feedback or suggestions on the wiki. If you find something frustrating, disorganised etc. and you are feel it deserves our attention, please let us know. Similarly, if you need any help, just ask!

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  • Jamescfm

    The How to start your party page has been updated. Please share any feedback about how this could be improved and let me know if you have any areas for improvement. I hope to improve some of the other tutorial-style pages in the near future.

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  • Nina404


    January 8, 2017 by Nina404


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  • CCP Wiki Account


    October 30, 2016 by CCP Wiki Account


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  • Fatherland Front

    What the fuck happened the entire Malivian Imperium page vanished and it reverted to a shittier Holy Malivian Empire version!

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  • Chechen Nemihai


    November 1, 2013 by Chechen Nemihai

    Does anyone know how to add pages to a category.

    Just add at the bottom of the page you want added to a category. Polites (talk) 16:16, November 1, 2013 (UTC)

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  • EEL123


    November 17, 2012 by EEL123

    We ought to allow all users, not just admins to import stuff from other wikis. Otherwise we'll have to go through the admin bureaucracy, and that can be frustrating for both parties involved.

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  • Gus Bacon


    October 9, 2012 by Gus Bacon

    I'm going to run through the entire page of Egelion, proposing to delete pages which are no use anylonger like Constitution of Egelion. I'll also re-shape the history section and stuff like that.

    I have the support of the Egelionan Parliament, as you can see here

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  • Reno Vercetti

    The following government and administration system is based on the imperial government of China during the Tang dynasty, with the addition of noble clans, as well as other political entities that might not wish to role play as noble clans, into the system to make it more compatible with the game mechanism of Particracy. As such, while it allows players to role play one of the noble houses within the empire, it also allows players to wish to play as other political entities, such as parties and revolutionaries to have a reasonable stance within the system.

    As the system is based on both Japan and China, proper words are rendered in Kanji, with the pronunciation for both native Japanese words and Chinese loanwords. Without specific indication…

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  • JaguarM40

    Project Tagalog

    April 4, 2012 by JaguarM40

    Now, we all know Talmoria requires a lot of editing, background history and so forth. So I decided to undertake the role as caretaker of Talmoria. I will be editing Talmoria's pages frequently and adding more information about this reclusive state.

    This project will be codenamed TAGALOG because I am from Philippines XD! If you wish to accompany me, then sign up and join the AMIGOS!


    I decided to start the Great War of Asli Independence, to get the "WOW" feeling.

    Talmoria is based on Africa, might as well based it on Mali. So, having that in mind, I plan to make Talmoria interesting, chaotic and hopefully fun for future players. I just need to get rid of those old pages that are unfinished or completely boring or completely forgotte…

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  • Aeaolen Kicka™


    February 29, 2012 by Aeaolen Kicka™

    Partyicracy wiki needs leadership in the sense that we have absolutely no one who has rights on the wikia and this could present a serious problem in the sense of vandalism, pages that need to be deleted and overall just need for someone with the rights. I'd like to request that I, with community support be given rights to the wikia and I will also be giving MrBean and Moderation their own powers alongside the creators of the wikia who already have powers. If anyone has problems with this please present them here. -Aeaolen Kicka™ 00:19, February 29, 2012 (UTC)

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