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National Assembly
HousesNational Assembly
President of the National Assembly of DorvikGisbert Werner, Freiheit Partei
since 4183
National Assembly Political groups7th National Assembly Session (Dorvik)
National Assembly Last electionDorvish Federal Election, 4183
Meeting place
Petrov Building
Web site
Bundesversammlung (lut. National Assembly) is a unicameral, constitutional and legislative body at the federal level in Dorvik. National Assembly was established by the 4164 constitutional reform as a single-chamber parliament in proclaimed Federal Republic of Dorvik. It is the historical successor to the earlier State Council (dun. Staatsrat). It's meeting place is House of the Assembly (dun. Versammlungshaus) in Haldor. It consists of 505 Members of the Assembly (dun. Mitgleider des Bundesversammlunges) usually elected every four years by all adult Dorvikians. Members of the Assembly are elected in multi-seat electoral districts. Term of the Assembly may be shortened by the vote of no confidence towards the Federal Cabinet or after the President or members of the Assembly call early elections. The termination of the parliament's term ends the term of the incumbent President of Dorvik.

President of the National Assembly (dun. Prasident der Dorvischen Bundesversammliunges) presides over sessions of the Bundesverammlung. The President of the NA is elected during the constituent session of each election period after the Federal elections or in a later session, if the office has fallen vacant. Usually, accordingly to one of the parliamentary customs, the President of NA is a member of the largest parliamentary group. Members of the National Assembly can issue a vote of no confidence towards the president of NA. The President of the Bundesversammlung usually has several deputies who are supplied by other parliamentary groups.


Chamber of National Assembly in the Bundesversammlungshaus.

Although most legislation is initiated by the executive branch, the Bundesversammlung considers the legislative function its most important responsibility, concentrating much of its energy on assessing and amending the government's legislative program. The committees (see below) play a prominent role in this process. Plenary sessions provide a forum for members to engage in public debate on legislative issues before them, but they tend to be well attended only when significant legislation is being considered.

List of List of Presidents of the National Assembly of Dorvik Edit

Presidents of the National Assembly
Session Term Seats President (Party) Election
1st Bundes-
May 4167-January 4170 505 Milan Heidelberg (KU) 4167
2nd Bundes-
January 4170 - January 4172 505 4170
3rd Bundes-
January 4172 - January 4176 505 4172
4th Bundes-
January 4176 - December 4176 505 Hertta Uosukainen (KU) Jan 4176
5th Bundes-
December 4176 - December 4180 505 Dec 4176
6th Bundes-
December 4180 - November 4183 505 4180
7th Bundes-
November 4183 - 505 Gisbert Werner (FP) 4183

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