Charles Luther
Charles Luther
Born 28 February, 2272
Birth Place Kasaema, Pilgon, Kundrati Union
Died n/a
Political Party Kundrati Liberal Democrats
Party Positions Shadow Infrastructure and Transport Minister
Previous Party Positions Shadow Infrastructure and Transport Minister and Deputy Leader
Time as Shadow Infrastructure and Transport Minister 2317- 2329
Time as Deputy Leader 2323- 2329
Constituency Pilgon
Years in the Kundrati Senate 2317-2329

Charles Luther had been involved in the ARKE party win he was younger, however his swayed and was on the look for a new political party. Charles Luther expertise are in economics, going to Kundrati National University leaving with a masters in Economics. He also worked with the Jacqaurie bank as the Chief Financial Officer before joining the Kundrati Senate.

Career before politicsEdit

After leaving University he worked an internship at the Department of Finance, left the department after 4 years in 2296 and joined the National Bank of Kundrati to become a Branch manager and it wasn't long until he was promoted to a Regional Manager in 2299 however had to move out of the region of Kasaema and intot he rural area in which he managed 4 banks. In 2303 He worked for the Chief Financnial Analyst giving out future plans for the bank and to give a forecast of the financial future of the bank. He became the Chief Financial Analyst in 2207 after the previous one got promoted to CEO of the National Bank of Kundrati. In 2210 he left the National Bank of kundrati and went to the "Millionaire Factory" the Jacqaurie Bank as their Chief Financial Officer and was in charge of quite a few successful acquisitions and stock plans. He served as CFO until 2317 and resigned prior to winning his seat in the Kundrati senate.

Political Career Edit

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