Somewhere on a verdant forest hill in deepest Delvar, Rutania, there is a church. This is no normal church though. No humble priests roam its maze of cloisters. No pleasant hymns emanate from the lungs of its occupants. No holy activity, no quiet reflection or noble deeds occur here. The roar of heavy metal guitars, the clatter of tankards and bottles and the gormless cheering of inebriated party officials provides the soundtrack to endless, degenerate revelry by all patrons, and the vigourous baptism of booze never ends.

This is the International Church of Drunken Fighting, brainchild of alcoholic genius Iqbal "The Drunkard" McLiberty, 150-year-old frontman of the infamous Libertarian Alcoholic Par-tay of Rutania. Communists and Capitalists, Socialists and Fascists, all sorts show up at the Church. The only ideology you need here is chronic Alcoholism. That and you have to be a diplomat from some sort of foreign political party.

Nearby breweries provide a ceaseless stream of basic alcohols, and 12 enormous stills in the church's basement complex work night and day, distilling each major fruit or crop based drink into super-strength hard liquor.

All orders are on the house - over a century of successful alcohol sales have made McLiberty filthy rich, and what better way to spend it than on a huge church full of hooch?

Patrons are generally expected to push for alcohol deregulation (or legalisation if applicable) in their own nations, so that some day they too may rival the glorious scale of temulence which the CoDF has given life to and sustained.




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