The Church of Keymon is a church that is connected to the SPC and recognizes the authority and will of the Arch-Patriarch. The Church of Keymon has a Patriarch as the head of the province. Patriarchs do take Regnal Names.

Foundation of the Church

The First Patriarch of the Church is Pius I. Pius was a high clergy member for many years in the church and was chosen by the Holy Council of the Church, to become the First Patriarch of Keymon. The Patriarch is the head of the providence and leads the Church of Keymon. He however recognizes the supremacy of the Arch-Patriarch of the SPC and his authority over all members. Pius is currently working with members of the high clergy to complete the policies and orders of the Church.

Current Patriarch is Leo

The Church of Keymon is a calvinist Church based in Keymon and is the official state religion there. The Grand Duke of Keymon retains the title High Deacon of the Church of Keymon.

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