Civilization Party of Cobura
Leader C. J. Redford (2534- )
Madison Taylor (2495-2534)
Rebecca Jenkins (2483-2495)
Skylar Cheeseman (2440-2483)
Laura Howell (2374-2440)
Jared Jackson (2318-2374)
Jay Lovett (2240-2318)
Founded 2240
Headquarters Undisclosed, Dilganato; formerly Galts Gulch, Irkawa
Nation Republic of Cobura
Political Ideology Eco-centrism
Political Position Left-leaning centrist
Primary International Affiliation International Greens
Secondary International Affliations Anti-Libertarian Alliance
Parties Against Hunting Endangered Animals
World Peace Society
Alliance of the Christian Left
Pan-Majatran Movement
Colours Light Green
Website [1]

The Civilization Party is a party located in the Republic of Cobura. It's a centrist party, with both conservative and liberal positions.


  • For a "tough on crime" policy
  • For a regulated (but not socialist) economy, like real-life American liberalism
  • For a strong national government and weak local governments
  • For racial equality
  • For peace on Terra
  • For environmental protection and renewable energy

Cobura-Zardugal WarEdit

In 2533, the CPC headquarters building in Galts Gulch was decimated by a Zardugali bomb. One casualty occurred--a janitor who was shot while running toward the bomb shelter with the other occupants once they became aware of the invasion. Every other occupant survived, though there were five people who got minor leg and arm bone fractures due to falling down stairs. Party leaders decided to move the HQ to an undisclosed location in the Dilganato countryside until the war is over.

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