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The Communist Party of Kafuristan is one of the older parties in Kafuristan, and holds a moderate portion of the votes with the young, atheistic, and leftist voters in the country.


The CPK works towards creating an externally peaceful and internally equal Kafuristan. The goal is to erase the existence of the division between the proletariat (working class) and the wealthy bourgeoise (owning class). The CPK views the current situation in Kafuristan as one of economic exploitation by business owners and corporate interests; however, they hope to reform the economic system by restricting business rights/incomes, increasing their workers' rights and incomes, and achieving an overall balance between wealth and happiness as the government provided an active role in maintaining social order and enforced equal rights of all forms. (This primarily translates into inflated healthcare and education budgets while more social services are provided with no need for monetary exchanges. Yes, that means free healthcare and other services from the government.)



The CPK was formed around the year 2116/2117 with the goals of improving Kafuristan's social situation, and to balance out the right-wing political field. Comrade Tiki was first credited with the formation of the party, and has since served a term of cameraderie after initiating numerous successful left-wing reforms to improve conditions in Kafuristan.


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The Communist Party of Kafuristan is currently formerly defunct.


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