Communist Workers Party of Pontesi (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
Leader Zeke Leighton
Founded 2273
Headquarters Lerna, Xanduley
Political Ideology Communism (Maoism), anti-globalization
Political Position Communist
Primary International Affiliation Socialist International
Secondary International Affliations N/A
Colours Dark red, green

The Communist Workers Party of Pontesi (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) was a left-wing political organization in the nation of Pontesi. It followed a Maoist political line, emphasizing racial equality, the rights of farmers, and total elimination of the prison system.


The party was founded in 2273 by a group of foreign-educated intellectuals, many of whom had spent time in Dundorf, Saridan and New Endralon. Radicalized by their experiences around the world, they formed a small organization to fight for 'New Democracy' in Pontesi. The men and women of the CWP adopted a radical Maoist doctrine, but decided to participate in mainstream politics instead of shifting directly to revolution.


The doctrine of the CWP followed several main tenets. Most important to its ideology was agricultural reform and farmers' land rights. Since its formation, the party concentrated on these issues above all others.

Also on the political agenda were workers' rights and welfare reform. Party leader Zeke Leighton once stressed in a debate that "We strive for every man in Pontesi to have a living wage and food for his entire family. We want all workers to have control over their places of business, to eliminate the hierarchical system of our society."

'Prison reform' was a term often used to describe the CWP, but the party rejected the phrase. They described their ideology regarding prisons as "total destruction" of the "fascist prison-industrial complex". Absolute release of all prisoners and dismantling of jails was one of the party's most radical proposals.

Pn1 Pontesian Dynastic Commonwealth
Dawnstar (capital)
History & Economy History of Pontesi, Pontesian Civil War
Geography Migrant's Pass
Demographics Arev Mardik, Seluco-Pontesians
Culture National Anthem: Oh Fatherland
Religion Aurorian Patriarchal Church, Terran Patriarchal Church
Satrapies Bazileum | Septentria | Caespasia | Azorium | Mitraeum
Politics Historically Important Parties: Democrat Party, One Nation Conservative Party, Aurora Libertatis, Pontesi Socialistic National Unity Party, Crimson Crusade
Nobility Noble Houses: House of Belknap, House Mederagaar, House Aedinius
People Alamar Xarfaxis

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