Confederazione Capitalista
Capitalist Confederation
Confederazione Capitalista Logo
Co-Founder, Director, and Presidente della Repubblica: Manolo di Largisini
Co-Founder and Whip:
Rachele Delfina
Per i Mercati
For the Markets
4211 by Manolo di Largisini and Rachele Delfina
Youth wing
Futuri Capitalisti
Student wing
Imprenditori in Formazione
Steady ???
Political position
International affiliation
9 / 100
80 / 635
Politics of Istalia
Political parties in Istalia
Elections in Istalia

The Confederazione Capitalista (Hutorian: Capitalist Confederation), stylized as the CONFEDERAZIONE capitalista, is a right-wing political party in the Repubblica Istaliana. It was founded in 4211 in response to the collapse of the Partito Libertario and the subsequent formation of a left-wing government at the behest of Filippo Marra, of Libertà e Progresso.


Foundation (4211-4215)Edit

With the dissolution of the Partito Libertario (P.L.) in the wake of infighting after the 4208 elections, many prominent capitalists and businesspeople in Istalia felt that their movement needed a new voice. A prominent shipping merchant from Siracosa, Silicia, Manolo di Largisini, was the first to begin organizing a general movement around capitalist ideas.

He clicked immediately with Rachele Delfina, a professor of economics at the University of Romula, Mezzodiurno. The two formed the Confederazione Capitalista originally as a lobbying group for free-market business interests, but it soon became apparent that, in the wake of the collapse of the Partito Libertario, a new capitalist movement was required to rejuvenate Istalian politics.

This was especially clear after the Marra presidency turned Libertà e Progresso (L.P.) in left-ward direction, forming a center-left coalition government. As a result, di Largisini and Delfina registered the Confederazione Capitalista as a formal political party in late 4211.

Delfina introduced a couple of comprehensive economic reform bills (pertaining to labor laws and food regulation), which boosted the perception of the Confederazione Capitalista as an economically libertarian alternative to the status quo. Manolo di Largisini, who was preparing for a Presidential run, instead opted to have the party endorse Andreo Berlusconi, of the Partito Repubblicano (P.R.). In exchange, the Confederazione Capitalista agreed to join the Istalia Libertà coalition, which had been founded by the P.R. and P.L. in 4203.

First Election (4215-Present)Edit

Electoral HistoryEdit

Presidente della Repubblica
Election Candidate Round 1 Round 2 Win
 %  %
4215 Andreo Berlusconi (P.R.) 31.78 29.72 Yes
4219 Manolo di Largisini 34.17 36.03 No
4223 31.18 55.11 Yes
March 4227 40.85 53.56 Yes
October 4227 41.79 54.40 Yes
Camera dei Deputati
Year Votes Seats Status Position
 % # # +/–
4215 16.82% 11,396,681
107 / 635
Increase 107 Opposition 3rd
4219 16.82% 10,274,904
103 / 635
Decrease 4 Minor Coalition Partner Steady 3rd
4223 18.12% 10,979,708
113 / 635
Increase 10 No Government Formed Steady 3rd
March 4227 13.61% 8,424,278
85 / 635
Decrease 28 New Elections Called Decrease 4th
October 4227 12.60% 7,938,605
80 / 635
Decrease 5

Opposition (Later Minor Coalition Partner )

Steady 4th
0 / 635
Steady 0 Opposition Steady #rd
Senato della Repubblica
Year Seats
# +/–
24 / 100
Increase 24
8 / 100
Decrease 16
19 / 100
Increase 11
March 4227
9 / 100
Decrease 10
October 4227
9 / 100
Steady 0
0 / 100
Steady 0

Political PositionsEdit

The following is the offical record of Political Positions of the Confederazione Capitalista, as of 4220:

Ideology Position Visibility Coherenecy
Centralization Moderate Unitarist Excellent Perfect
Civil Rights Restrictive-Leaning Excellent Perfect
Ecology Convinced Skeptic High Perfect
Foreign Relations Convinced Internationalist High Perfect
Government Responsibilities Convinced Small Government Excellent Perfect
Market Moderate Laissez-Faire Excellent Perfect
Military Convinced Militarist Moderate Perfect
Morality Conservative-Leaning Excellent Perfect
Religion Moderate Religious Moderate Perfect





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