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Curator Pacis was the official title of the Head of State in Kirlawa. It was in place from November 2247 to April 2337. It was introduced after Brian Hartridge, a LPP politician introduced it to the house.

The position started out as an un-elected position. Kawaii Meomi became the first Curator Pacis after the CK ruled the position was, like President before it, a position held by CandyKids party politicians. As such, the President became Curator Pacis.

The position was changed to elected by cross-party support after the KPF-sponsored Republican Nation Bill was passed in December 2250. Meomi remained Curator Pacis until the 2251 elections when Edward Clark of the LPP won a landslide victory.

The position was abolished in 2337. Its abolition followed the seizure of power of second-last Curator Pacis Peter Lucas in a military coup in 2333, a position he held until he reliquished it for a range of more fascist titles. Tristan Angelis took up the title as a powerless position prior to full Free Union of Kirlawa establishment but the title came to an end in 2337.

Curator PacisesEdit

. Name Party Term Terms in office
Kawaii Meomi CandyKids 2247-2251 0
Edward Clark Liberal Progressive Party 2251-2263 5
Kawaii Meomi CandyKids 2263-2266 1
Danivon Luze Kirlawan Popular Front 2266-2270 1
William Wilhelm Democratic Party of Kirlawa 2270-2271 1
Kawaii Meomi CandyKids 2271-2275 1
William Wilhelm Democratic Party of Kirlawa 2275-2280 2
Filliam H. Muffman Kirlawan Communist Party 2280-2282 1
William Wilhelm Democratic Party of Kirlawa 2282-2287 3
Mark Kire Liberal Progressive Party 2287-2290 1
Zasper Ertigon Kirlawan Popular Front 2290-2293 1
Mark Kire Liberal Progressive Party 2293-2295 3
Tristan Nakatomi Kawaii-Meomi 2295-2298 1
Mark Kire Liberal Progressive Party 2298-2314 8
Aris Luze Kirlawan Popular Front 2314-2315 1
Brian Cullen Liberal Progressive Party 2315-2319 2
Anna Magdalan Socialist People's Party of Kirlawa 2319-2324 2
Tristan Angelis kawaii-Meomi 2324-2333 4
Peter Lucas Kirlawa Far Right National Fascist Front 2333-2336 1
Tristan Angelis kawaii-Meomi 2336-2337 1


  • The position is considered by most historians as a continuation of the President position.
  • The name is Latin for Guardian of Peace.
  • There were thirteen different Curator Pacises from eight different parties.
  • Two Curators were voted in in three non-consecutive periods (William Wilhelm and Mark Kire) and two in two periods (Kawaii Meomi and Tristan Angelis).

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