Dawnstar (Jelbic name: Amsaékstrhosí) is a major city at the coast of Bazelium, Pontesi, that has served as the nation's capital since 3665.

Beautiful, ancient Dawnstar

History Edit

Founded in ancient times as a Selucian colony by the name of Campus Stella (Star City), the city was renamed Buh'Jrka (Ox Gold) by the invading Jelbic conquerors during the 9:th century. Being a relatively important port city on Pontesi's eastern coast, the Pntek Imperialist regimes largely allowed the city to remain a hub for the country's Selucian minority and built an important naval base in the city that served as the starting points for many expeditions to the other side of Terra, including the Pontesian conquest of Gaduridos.

Crimson Crusade leader Alamar Xarfaxis arrived at the city on the 24 March 3234, a day still celebrated as Prophecy Day among some of it's members.

Demographics Edit

· Selucio-Pontesians 45%

· Mixed ethnic background 24%

· Pntek 10%

· Arev Mardik 10%

· Felinist 9%

· Other 2%

Pn1 Pontesian Dynastic Commonwealth
Dawnstar (capital)
History & Economy History of Pontesi, Pontesian Civil War
Geography Migrant's Pass
Demographics Arev Mardik, Seluco-Pontesians
Culture National Anthem: Oh Fatherland
Religion Aurorian Patriarchal Church, Terran Patriarchal Church
Satrapies Bazileum | Septentria | Caespasia | Azorium | Mitraeum
Politics Historically Important Parties: Democrat Party, One Nation Conservative Party, Aurora Libertatis, Pontesi Socialistic National Unity Party, Crimson Crusade
Nobility Noble Houses: House of Belknap, House Mederagaar, House Aedinius
People Alamar Xarfaxis