Deltarian Empire
Deltárska Ríša
Map of the Deltarian Empire at its height in 3540
Formal Name Deltarian Empire
Government type Supra-national Federal Empire
Czar Viktor I
Pápež Concordus I
Founded Treaty of the Deltarian Empire
August 3470
Member States

Deltaria Nova
North Utembo

Official language Daralian
Capital Čachtice
Largest city

The Deltarian Empire (Daralian: Deltárska Ríša) was a supranational federal empire centred on the Deltarian Czardom and ruled by the Czar of Deltaria. Initially created in 2307 by old Czarist Deltaria, the Empire was reborn after the restoration of Deltarian monarchy following the Deltarian Czarist War. The second incarnation of the Empire collapsed in the late 3560s as a result of a civil war.

Member StatesEdit

State Flag Status Membership Capital
Holy Deltaria
New Czarist flag Deltaria
Imperial Realm August 3470 - September 3568 Čachtice
Democratic People's Kingdom of Valruzia
Imperial Realm June 3529 - December 3572 Białograd
Felinist Republic of Barmenia
Imperial Realm November 3529 - September 3542 Varishehr
People's Republic of Trigunia KnTri Imperial Realm March 3533 - July 3570 Rodshyadam
Grand Duchy of Deltaria Nova
Vassal State September 3489 - September 3568 Signor
Sultanate of Jakania
Sultanate of United Jakania
Vassal State October 3494 - May 3500
October 3506 - April 3511
December 3523 - September 3568
Deltarian Kingdom of Jelbania
Jelbanian occ flag
Vassal State June 3523 - October 3561 Baofluz
Deltarian Kingdom of Cobura
Koburio flag
Vassal State April 3527 - March 3566 Aŭgusta
March of Vanuku
Vassal State, March of Barmenia March 3529 - March 3540
Central Majatran Beylerbeylik
Mehmet Pasha Flag
Vassal State July 3540 - September 3568 Helios
Grand Principality of Statrica
Flag of Statrica
Vassal State February 3472 - April 3569 Breznica
North Utembo
Flag North Utembo
Colony February 3474 - April 3569
Grand Millennial Trade Republic of Solentia)
Solentia's Flag
Tributary State December 3535 - December 3549 Pinara
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