The Dorvish Communist Party is a left-wing political party inspired in the thoughts of Karlstein Metz and Vladimir Leonid. It was founded in December 4381 by Gerhard Paulsen and a group of students of the University of Lissenfeld.

Purposes and Principles Edit

The Dorvish Communist Party defines itself as metzist-leonidist and it struggles for an egalitarian and classless society based on the abolition of private property and the exploitation of man by man. It claims to struggle for the political and economic emancipation of the proletariat and the peasantry, the national sovereignty, the self-determination of all nations, the respect of human rights, the undeniable rights of women, the respect of ethnic and religious minorities, the protection of environment and national heritage, the democratization of the workplace, the collectivization of means of production, the redistribution of land, the triumph of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the construction of socialism and communism in Dorvik.

Its own political agenda is based on the materialist conception of society and scientific socialism developed by Karlstein Metz, Ehrenpreis and Vladimir Leonid, among other metzists and progressive thinkers of Terra.

It defines itself as internationalist, therefore it seeks the constant collaboration with other progressive and revolutionary parties or movements of the world.

History Edit

The Dorvish Communist Party was founded by Gerhard Paulsen, PhD in Social Anthropology, in December 4381 with a group of intellectuals and students of the University of Lissenfeld.

The Communist Party established its own youth wing for people between 12 and 28 years old, the Dorvish Communist Youth; in February 4382, as a sign of its commitment to the defense of the rights of students and young people and the promotion of ideological and political education of the youth based on the ideas of historical materialism and scientific socialism.

In order to educate children in the values of friendship, solidarity and humanism and to ensure the defense of their rights, the Communist Party created in March 4382 a mass youth organization for primary students until twelve years old called the Communist Pioneer Organization of Dorvik.

Leaders Edit

President Vice-president General Secretary Tenure
Ernst Schmidt Hermann Schulz Sofia Zimmermann December 4381-December 4385
Tobias Herrmann Theresa Klein Sofia Zimmermann December 4385-December 4389
Sofia Zimmermann Bruno Kraus Friedrich Hoffmann December 4389-December 4393
Sofia Zimmermann Clara Schneider Friedrich Hoffmann December 4393-December 4397
Friedrich Hoffmann Sarah Meier Anna Neumann December 4397-December 4401
Anna Neumann Lisa Brandt Heinrich Eichmann December 4401-December 4405
Anna Neumann Heinrich Eichmann Bertrand Auerbach December 4405-December 4409
Bertrand Auerbach Sarah Hartmann Lorenz Adler December 4409-December 4413
Herbert Koch Sarah Hartmann Walter Althaus December 4413-December 4417
Sarah Hartmann Ludwig Biedermann Franz Henschel December 4421-December 4225
Sofia Reichenbach Niels Ackermann Hans Sommerfeld December 4425-December 4429
Niels Ackermann Eugen Bösch Ernst Adenauer December 4429-June 4433
Dorvish Communist Party dissolved (June 4433-February 4455)
Ernst Adenauer Joachim Kohn Sofia Hirsch February 4455-February 4459