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Dorvish Federal Election, 4210

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Presidental Election, June 4208 - Round 2
Dorvik alt 3
Jun 4208 ←
Presidency Election
June 4208

→ May 4212

Candidate Peter Gasner Emelie Bierkamp
Party Conservative Union Feminist Party
Alliance Movement for the Republic None
States carried 4 1
Popular vote 38,623,514 24,441,684
Percentage 61.22% 38.74%

President 4210

Presidential election results map.
Blue denotes districts won by Gasner,
Pink denotes districts won by Bierkamp

President before election

Melanie Schafer (1st)

Elected President

Randolf Urquhart (1st)
Dorvish Initiative

Federal Assembly Election, December 4210
Dorvik alt 3
Jun 4208 ←

Federal Assembly Election

→ May 4212

All 505 seats
253 seats needed for majority
December 4210
  First party Second party Third party
Leader  ? Heike Thierz Alwin Schickendantz
Party Feminist Party Conservative Union Pragmatic Centrist Party
Last election Defunct 60, 11.69% 27, 5.61%
Seats won 158 134 86
Seat change N/A Increase 74 Increase 59
Popular vote 19,270,733 16,447,448 10,296,874
Percentage 31.09% 26.53% 16.61%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
David Ward
Leader Katrin Weidel Christopher Leiner Olaf Aswalt
Party Forwards! Progress Dorvish Conservative Faction
Leader since 4207
Last election 36, 7.22% 71, 13.89% 44, 8.64%
Seats won 45 39 23
Seat change Increase 9 Decrease 32 Decrease 21
Popular vote 5,499,626 5,004,173 2,953,596
Percentage 8.87% 8.07% 4.76%

  Seventh party
Leader Hjalmar Gottliebe
Party National Liberal Party

Last election 22, 4.68%
Seats won 20
Seat change Decrease 2
Popular vote 2,520,194
Percentage 4.07%

Composition of the Federal Assembly in terms of parties.

Composition of the Federal Assembly in terms of alliances.

Assembly 4210
Election results map.

Map showing Federal States' governments' composition.

Chancellor before election

Laurent Scherzinger
Conservative Union

Elected Chancellor


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