The Dralchon City State, or Free City of Dralchon, is a large autonomous city-state on the coast of Chulbark, conquered by the Ruzian Union as a vassal of Chulbark and eventually sold by Valruzia to the merchants of Sußveit.

One group of sea people did not fully assimilate, although they adopted the language of the Ruzians for diplomatic use. Interestingly, recent documents have come to light indicating that they spoke a language similar to English well into the Mercantile era. Since historians know that the sea peoples who overran Aralaman and Ishchant did not speak English (which also raises the question of whether "Dralchon" is a corruption of "the Dragon"), this raises an interesting issue. So far the most widely accepted explanation has been that as a coastal city which traded more with the sea than with the interior, they adopted the English language instead of Ruzian. Others have wondered as to whether the sea people were not one people, but several.

Regardless of the origins of the founders of Dralchon, the city served as an independent state in its own right almost up until the unification of Valruzia. The influence that this city had was small however, and the most notable contribution to Valruzian history was when an heir to the dispossessed line founded the Anarchist Party in Valruzia, a party that has been active in Valruzia in the past.

Today, the city is a thriving seaport and notable as a historic curiosity, with architecture very different from any in Valruzia. While it is a part of Valruzia, it is independent from Chulbark and does not participate in Valruzian elections. It pays taxes and obeys Valruzian Law.

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