Economy of Kanjor
Ministry of Finance - Alduria

Ministry of Finance building

Currency Kanjorien rupee (₭ - KRP) (Primary)
Lodamun Dollar ($ - LOD) (Reserve)
Fiscal year 4364
Trade organisations Seleyan Union (SU)
Entente Canrillaişe
Zone de Libre-Echange Canrillaise (ZLEC)
Eastern Development Organization
GDP Increase₭1,488,517,700,969 (Q4 4364)
₭1,451,421,029,154 (Q4 4359)
Increase$252,291,135,757 LOD
GDP per capita IncreaseKRP ₭14,935 (Q4 4364)
Gini coefficient Increase0.26 (4359 est.)
Labour force 57,422,282 (4359)
Unemployment 5.76%
Average gross salary IncreaseKRP ₭287 weekly (Q4 4364)
Net pay IncreaseKRP ₭244 weekly (Q4 4364)
Main export partners Alduria, Rildanor, Mordusia
Main import partners Alduria, Riladnor, Mordusia
Foreign direct investment stock IncreaseKRP ₭1.8 billion
Public finances
Public debt SteadyKRP ₭85 billion
Revenues DecreaseKRP ₭346,500,000,000 (As of Dec. 4364/ year)
Expenses IncreaseKRP ₭346,500,000,000 (As of Dec. 4364/ year)
Credit rating BB
Foreign reserves SteadyKRP ₭1,700,000,000


National Chamber of Commerce (Kanjor)

National Development and Investment Commission



Kanjor is home to various types of agricultural production. Within animal husbandry, it includes dairy and beef cattle, pigs, and poultry.

The Kanjorien agricultural industry is characterized by freehold and family ownership but due to structural development farms have become fewer and larger. With modern trade patterns profitability increasingly depends on global market trends. The arable land in Kanjor is approximately 52,600,000 hectares, and the number of farms approximately 750,000, out of which approximately one-half are owned by full-time farmers.

The agriculture and food sector as a whole represents 20% of total Kanjorien commodity exports. The destination of 62% of its exports is other Seleyan Union members states.

NOTE: LT - 13,780,000 ha S - 10,764,000 ha O - 6,417,000 ha M - 9,081,000 ha N - 12,556,500 ha

Animal productionEdit

The tendency towards fewer and larger farms has been accompanied by an increase in animal production, using fewer resources per produced unit.

The number of dairy farmers has remained constant at around to about 9,500 with an average herd size of 150 cows. Kanjorien dairy farmers are among the largest and most modern producers in Seleya. More than half of the cows live in new loose-housing systems. Export of dairy products accounts for more than 12% of the total Kanjorien agricultural export.

The total number of beef cattle in 4360 was approximately 8.5 million. The yearly number of slaughtering of beef cattle is around 3 million.

Two thousand professional producers are responsible for the Kanjorien egg production, which was 45 billion eggs in 4360. Chickens for slaughter are often produced in units with 25,000 broilers. In 4360, 800 million chickens were slaughtered. In the minor productions of poultry, 63 million ducks, 18.4 million geese and 25.0 million turkeys were slaughtered in 4360.

Grain productionEdit

27.8 million tonnes

Manufacturing & IndustryEdit

Logo Name Location Notes Creation Employees Av. Revenues
SI Kanjor Aeronautics Brzansk flaga Brzansk, Ruzian VS Flag Ruzian Voivodeship Owner of: LOT Valruzian Airlines, LOT Cargo, Homeconnect, Interconnect, BFS, FSM, Tucan Air;
Banking Services, Housing, Telecommunication, Transport, Real-Estate, Construction, Airline Services, Automotive Industry;
July, 4240 574.000 487 billion VPO

Construction, Building materials & EngineeringEdit

  • Laval Realty (Laval Immobilier)

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Financial & InsuranceEdit

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Healthcare sectorEdit

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Information sectorEdit

Communications servicesEdit

  • Kanjor 2
  • Kanjor 3
  • Metropolitan Channel (Chaîne métropolitaine - Metro)
  • Information Channel (Chaîne information - Info)

Telephone servicesEdit

Internet servicesEdit


Transportation infrastructureEdit


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République Fédérale de Kanjor

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