Factio Fortuna
Octavia Livibia
"Individuality of Seluciae"
December 4246
Constantium, Uleroth
Youth wing
Fortuna Iuvenis
Student wing
Fortuna Posterus
Classical Liberalism

Conservative Liberalism

Political position
International affiliation
Forum for Reformist Co-operation
Light Blue     ; Silver     
185 / 500
2 / 5
Cabinet Positions
6 / 13
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Factio Fortuna, commonly referred to as ad libertatem coetus (The Liberty Group). They were an influential party in Selucian politics and former the second largest party in Selucia.

Factio Fortuna's current ideology was more commonly known as Selucian Liberalism. The Party largely supports free-market capitalism, fiscal responsibility, the rights of the individual, and individual ownership of private property.

The voter base of Factio Fortuna was largely composed of small-business owners and the Liberty Alliance of Sleucia. The base of support comes primarily from Uleroth and West Shadar, where the Party polls especially high compared to it's counterparts.

Arguably, the Party was strongest in 4261 when they controlled the office of Caesar Senatus (Decimus Cornelius Afer), the Senate (301/500 seats), and 4/5 Provincial legislatures.

History Edit

Factio Fortuna (Lucky Faction) was founded as a moderate right party in 4246 by Decimus Cornelius Afer, and Augustus Tacticus. The party gained notoriety in 4255 when Decimus Cornelius Afer became Caesar Senatus of Sleucia.

Augustus Tacticus and Decimus Cornelius Afer founded Factio Fortuna because there were very polarizing politics at the time. It was either a far-left or far-right choice with an no party for small government, so the two decided to found a party of their own. Decimus Cornelius Afer, financially backed the foundation of the party. Augustus Tacticus used his skills as a political commentator to finally put their ideas on the Selucian political scene.

Factio Fortuna was founded on Classical Liberal principles, but a more conservative faction led by Decimus Cornelius Afer took hold in 4254. In the mid-4260's a new Libertarian faction popped up inside the party under Lars Ramio, who used to be a Classical Liberal.

There are three factions inside the party; Classical Liberals, Conservative Liberals, and the Libertarians. Currently the Classical Liberals are led by Octavia Livibia, the Conservative Liberals by Valentina Paeta, and the Libertarians by Lars Ramio. The factions only have slight different when it comes to social politics, but agree on economic politics of Factio Fortuna along with the roles of citizen and state.

43rd Century Edit

The foundation of Factio Fortuna was shrugged off by many as they thought it was just another joke targeting the Selucian political system as was common on late night shows in the 4240's and early 50's. As the party's first Head Chair, Augustus Tacticus campaigned using his late night show as a platform for Factio Fortuna. In the elections of 4247, they only polled around 30,000 votes and won no seats. Though after more campaigning and crowd funding, Factio Fortuna saw moderate success in the elections of 4251, polling 9,246,575 votes and winning 70 seats.

Augustus Tacticus was reelected Head Chair until the Leadership elections of 4254, when Decimus Cornelius Afer was elected to Head Chair. Under Decimus Cornelius Afer, Factio Fortuna would lose 3 seats, polling 8,073,417 votes, in the election of 4255, but Decimus would go on to become Caesar Senatus, which granted much credibility and influence. This became the Afer Era (4255 - 4266) in Factio Fortuna. Dacimus would go on to hold the office of Caesar Senatus until 4265 when he decided he would retire to pursue more personal time with family while entering a bi-partisan coalition government with In-Maera. In the height of the Afer Era Factio Fortuna held 301 (60.2) seats in the Senate and polled a max of 26,398,404 (60.98) votes.

After the retirement of Decimus Cornelius Afer, Octavia Livibia was voted in as Head Chair in the first run-off leadership election in Factio Fortuna. Octavia Livibia focused on strengthening the ties between Factio Fortuna and In-Marea as per the coalition government. Her time as Party Chair has so far been unimpressive in the Party's voter base for the lack of preventing moderate economic nationalization and her second term as Party Chair has been rumored to been rigged. The Selucian Minister of Justice has been reviewing the case in the weeks following the result.


Below are the results of Factio Fortuna in national elections the Party has been in.

Senatoral Elections Edit

Year Number of votes Total votes % votes Seats +/- Position Status
4247 29,751 66,301,092 0.04
0 / 500
New 5th Opposition
4251 9,246,575 66,013,393 14.01
70 / 500
Increase70 4th
4255 8,073,417 59,935,001 13.47
67 / 500
Decrease3 4th Minority Coalition
4257 11,000,388 57,659,471 19.08
98 / 500
Increase31 3rd
4261 9,967,105 57,090,192 17.46
89 / 500
Decrease9 4th
4261 26,398,404 43,287,113 60.98
301 / 500
Increase212 1st
4265 14,746,689 46,386,482 31.79
160 / 500
Decrease141 2nd Coalition
4269 17,757,955 48,819,985 36.39
185 / 500
Increase25 2nd

Consul Populi Elections Edit

Year Candidate Total Votes % Votes Position Result
4247 Augustus Tacticus 58,184 0.09 4th Arria Ivmarus
4251 Augustus Tacticus 9,407,322 14.27 3rd Tiberius Varro
4255 Decimus Cornelius Afer 10,407,126 17.42 3rd Lucius Clodian
4257 - present Rule of Imperator Clodian I

Party Structure and Organization Edit

Factio Fortuna has anywhere from 11-16 (depending on Praetors) council members that gather once every three months at party HQ in Constantium. At this conference, the leaders determine the state of the party, party trajectory, and a plan for Factio Fortuna's role in Seluciae. The members are the party leader, Head and Vice Chairs from each Provincae, and the parties Praetors. The Head and Vice Chairs of each provincae are decided by the members who vote on candidates every two years for the positions.

Party Council Edit

Uleroth Kal Serathi East Shadar Korgana

West Shadar

Head Chair Constantus Tatian Oppius Carvilius Isatis Atia Vitula Servius Vinicius Porcus Vinicia Nemesiana
Vice Chair Cordia Luciana Primus Saenus Flavius Lartius Ligur Vesnia Donatiana Gallus Aruns
Praetor Julianus Seneca Livia Dominia

Party Chairs Edit

Every two years in January the members of the party vote on who should be the leader of Factio Fortuna. As of May 4258, this has been changed to every four years in the January before the election.

Name Portrait Term Achievements During Term End of Term
Augustus Tacticus
Lars Ramio TC
4247 - 4254 Establishment of party, Senator,

Return of the Imperator

Lost Reelection (4254)
Decimus Cornelius Afer
4254 - 4266 Senator, Caesar Senatus (4254-4265),

Return of the Imperator, Closer ties with Cildania, Promotion of Liberty through preservation, bi-partisan coalition government

Peaceful Resignation (4266)
Octavia Livibia
Octavias Livibius 1.0
4266 - present Senator, bi-partisan coalition government N/A

Party Membership and Party Chair Votes Edit

Year Members Party Leader Candidates/Vote Percentage Runoff Vote
4248 1,987 Augustus Tacticus Undisputed N/A
4250 9,781 Augustus Tacticus Undisputed N/A
4252 27,934 Augustus Tacticus Augustus Tacticus - 52%

Decimus Cornelius Afer - 45%

Lars Ramio - 3%

4254 32,216 Decimus Cornelius Afer Decimus Cornelius Afer - 51%

Augustus Tacticus - 49%

4256 45,976 Decimus Cornelius Afer Decimus Cornelius Afer - 89%

Augustus Tacticus - 11%

4258 50,858 Decimus Cornelius Afer Decimus Cornelius Afer - 78%

Augustus Tacticus - 19%

Lars Ramio - 3%

4262 56,781 Decimus Cornelius Afer Decimus Cornelius Afer - 93%

Augustus Tacticus - 5%

Lars Ramio - 2%

4266 70,488 Octavia Livibia Lars Ramio - 24%

Valentina Paeta - 34%

Octavia Livibia - 42%

Valentine Paeta - 46%

Octavia Livibia - 54%

4270 119,358 Octavia Livibia Lars Ramio - 21%

Valentina Paeta - 36%

Octavia Livibia - 43%

Valentina Paeta - 48%

Octavia Livibia - 52%

Factions in Factio Fortuna Edit

As mentioned earlier, there are factions in Factio Fortuna. There are the Classical Liberals, Conservative Liberals, and as of recently the Libertarians. Each internal faction has it's own leader. The membership of an internal faction is determined by which internal faction they choose when filling out one's membership applicant card. The internal faction membership is counted at the end of every four years in January when party leader voting takes place.

The Classical Liberals believe that whatever the issue, government is not the answer. They vote to where the government has the least influence possible in a citizen's daily life, or if that isn't an option, they try to give the issue off to the local governments to decide.

The Conservative Liberals differ slightly in that they are slightly more conservative with policy, but still believe the government isn't the answer to a solution. They agree with the Classical Liberals economically but differ slightly socially.

The Libertarians don't believe the government should be involved whatsoever, not even at the local level, on issues. Similar to the Classical Liberals, they agree a citizen ought to do as they please, but should be held accountable to law and their own morals as the other internal factions believe as well.

Faction Leader % of Factio Fortuna Total Members
Classical Liberals Octavia Livibia 43.1% 51,443
Conservative Liberals Valentina Paeta 39.4% 47,027
Libertarians Lars Ramio 17.5% 20,888