The Federal Committee of In Marea is the main legislative organ of In Marea-Civis Sinistram at a national level. There are two members from each region, with one being the regional leader of the party and the other one being elected by the militants. There is one more seat selected personally by the General Secretary, and one more for the General Secretary themselves. Elected members may be in the Committee for life, except if they ask to retire or more than a half of the Committee votes against them. When there is a vacant place, elections are hold in the region.

Members Edit

Member Position(s) held Joined in Region
Serene Furfura Engineer, Regional leader 4455 Cor Patriae
Varius Manela Teacher 4460
Anthea Galanou Doctor, Regional leader, Praetor of Insularia 4439 Insularia
Kaulo Ognea Journalist 4442
Arina Vestas Physicist, Regional leader 4456 Marestella
Aina Galatea Architect 4438
Brutus Gallio Biologist, Regional leader 4441 Occidentria
Argus Etna Politician 4437
Albus Rubio Chemist, Regional leader, former Praetor of Oriensos 4455 Oriensos
Regna Marina Politician 4450
Juno Axuntia Journalist 4461 Appointed by Helios Sigilis
Helios Sigilis Biomedical, General Secretary 4459

Assembly Edit

General Assembly

Cor Patriae