Five Nations Liberal Party
Leader Geraint Thomas
Founded August 2309
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Port Andalay
Nation Lodamun
Ideology Liberal
Political Position Centrist
International Affiliations World Capitalist Alliance
International Human Rights Movement
Colours 42C0F

The Five Nations Liberal Party is a political party in Lodamun. The party is both economically and socially and Liberal and believes that Liberal Policies will best serve the people of the Five Nations.

History of the CCP Edit

The party was founded by Geraint Thomas a businessman who wanted to end the monopoly on power that had been obtained by the Black People's Party. His feeling is that the Black People's Party socialist policies were holding back the economy and that was causing poverty in the nation. a more business freindly party was needed and Geraint and people from all works of life were willing to join them. By August 2309 everything was ready and the party was formally declared in the new party headquaters, Freedom House in Andalay.

Notable Members Edit

Party Leader Edit

Name Time in Office
Geraint Thomas 2309 - ???

Leader in the Senate Edit

Name Time in Office
Arnold Smyrk 2309 - ???

Political Positions Edit

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A statue outside freedom house


The core of FNLP policy is free trade, privatisation and de regulation. The FNLP is a free market party that believes the nations would be best served by the government interfering as little as possible.


The FNLP is a strong supporter of Human rights and will do everything possible to presrve and extend people's freedoms and rights.


The FNLP is a strongly devolutionary party and believes that power should be fed down tot he lowest levels of government wherever possible

The EnvironmentEdit

The FNLP is not an environmentailist party and feels that environmentalism blocks many more important developments that are more important for humanity's future. Environmental issues should be left with local governments.

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