The current flag of Istalia, or flag of the Istalian Republic, became the national flag of the Country in 2233 when was founded the istalian Quanzarian Republic (became officialy Istalian Republic in 2263) and the colors are those associated to Istalia and istalians which derived from the flag of the Istalian Kingdom, symbol of the fight and the resistance against the Quanzarian invaders.

Description of the flagEdit

The flag is a horizontal tricolour of green, white and red, the central white band is bordered by two thinner blue stripes slightly separated from the green and red bands. In the center of the white band there is the coat of arms of the Istalian Republic, flanked on the right and left by two blue triangles while two white triangles insist on the blue stripes above and below the coat. These colors were already used into the flag of the Kingdom of Istalia and were adopted by the istalian republics for their importance for the istalian history and culture.

The green is the color of the shores of the peninsula Sarrentina (the Kingdom of Istalia extended only on Alaria Island), showing the hope to retake the lost homeland; the white is the color of the purity, indicating how the cause of istalian fighters was noble, righteous and sinless but it is also the local traditional color of the Hosianism, the istalian most diffused religion in contrast with the ahmadi faith of the quanzarian; the red finally is the blood shed by istalians under the foreign oppression and during the struggle to recover the nation.

The coat of the Istalian Republic derived from the symbol in the middle of the flag of the Union of Quanzari Soviets, first republican experience of the Country establish ofter the collapse of the Emirate of Quanzar due to the revolution of 2110, while the four triangles that surround the coat represent the four Istalian Kingdoms, last indipendent istalian political entities before of the quanzarian invasions, which fought strenuously to resist to the foreign oppressor.

Previous FlagsEdit

Flag of the EmirateEdit


Flag of the Emirate of Quanzar

The flag of the Emirate of Quanzar was the same used since 1793 by the Emirate of Great Quanzar. The flag had three horizontal bands, the one in the middle white and larger then the two other band which were red. These were the colors which identified previously the Banu Qanzar tribe and which were used by the Dynasty until its depart in exile from Istalia. The white band present three coats of arms: the eagle on the left was the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Fidelia, the central Fleur-De-Lis were a symbol adopted in Solentia by the Quanzars as their seal, finally the last one was an ancient sovereignity symbol from Barmenia which was brought with the Ahmadism in eastern Majatra and was adopted as seal of the Custodian of the Sacred Mosque, title adopted by the Quanzars since they ruled on the holiest mosquee of the Ahmadism.

Royal Union of QuanzarEdit


Flag of the Royal Union of Quanzar

This flag was the vessil of the Order of the Golden Crown and was adopted on August 1st, 2685 when the Royal Union of Quanzar was formally declared by the House of Hessex at the end of the First Istalian Republic. The two heads and crowns of the eagle represent Alaria on the right and the Sarrentina Peninsula on the left, respectively. The larger crown in the middle represents the dominion of the Order of Golden Crown on the refounded Quanzarian lands, and so the Royal Union of Quanzar under the House of Hessex. The emblem in the center of the man slaying a serpent is the family seal of the House of Hessex. The scepter and the orb are two symbols of kingly power, and the golden field represents the opulence of the monarchy.

Other flag used in IstaliaEdit


Flag of the Kingdom of Istalia


Flag of the Union of Quanzari Soviets

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