Il simbolo dell'FLNI. Gli Istaliani finalmente liberi dalle catene del Fronte Popolare.

The Fronte di Liberazione Nazionale Istaliano was founded in December 2292 by the Partito Nazionale Istaliano as natural descent of the former Fronte di Liberazione Quanzariano. It claims to be a centre-right coalition based on traditional morality values and an open market vision, although the parties that are in do not necessarily share the exact views: they are generally similar when it comes to economical disputes. This coalition serves as a flag, an identifier that unifies those parties who want to counter the socialism by endorsing a rightist view.

The coalition expresses these points:

  • Light welfare system
  • Light state control over the market
  • Strong military position
  • Conservative morality and moderate traditionalist values.

The founding party, the Partito Nazionalista Istaliano, and Democrazia Nazionale are the ones that fully represent these marks, while Avanti Istalia! does not share the conservative view but is more open to a secularist nation.

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