Gaduri Progressive Union
Leader Orion Zelenko
Founded 2294
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Nation Gaduridos
Ideology Green
Political Position
International Affiliations International Greens
Colours 990066

The Gaduri Progressive Union is a political party of the Fascist Republic of Gaduridos, that adheres to the Four Pillars of Green ideology

Four PillarsEdit

  1. Ecology
  2. Social Justice
  3. Grassroots Democracy
  4. Non-Violence

Gaduri Progressive Party HistoryEdit

Served Gaduridos from 2294-2305. For 11 years they served the Gaduri people, in the 4 Senate elections they contested in, they gained 11 seats (2295), 30 seats (98), 21 seats (01) and finally 22 seats (2304) For the Presidency, the 95 elections was the last election that had a heredity for HoS. In 2298, they lost in a heated fight with the Free movement of Gaduridos with round two being 50.49% to 49.51% with an FMG barely winning. In 2301 they beat the Free Movement with the IFP support but lost in Round 2 by a 9 point spread. In 04 they came in 3rd in the general election and supported the International Freedom Party in there short lived power


Shortly after the 04 elections, it was found that the IFP and GUI was the same person and was quickly elimnated from the country. The IFP/GUI person left the nation in chaos, with 51% of the seats gone and the cabinent completly demolished (after the elections he proposed the "Progress Cabinent" and shortly after the Free Movement easily rewon the Presidency and a cabinent tie 38-38 was held by the Free Movement and Traxians in the emergency elections of 2305.

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