Gebre Abraha

Grand Vizier of Cobura
In office
July 2, 3921 – March 7, 4127
Preceded by

Chairman of Semayawi
In office
3915 – 3927

Semayawi Parliamentary Leader
In office
3913 – 3921
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Mayor of Yaaymro
In office
3893 – 3903

Member of the Royal Assembly
In office
3906 – 3929

May 15, 3865
January 11, 3957
Political party

Gebre Abraha (3865-3957) is a Coburan politician and legislator who served as Grand Vizier of Cobura (3921-3927) and as Chairman of the Semayawi National Association (3915-3927) He had previously served as the Chairman of the Semayawi Assembly Faction (3913-3821). He had also previously served as Mayor of Yaaymro (3893-3903) and as a local Yaaymro city councillor (3888-93) prior to his mayoral tenure.

Early LifeEdit

Abraha was born to Yaakob Abraha, elder brother of Kobra Corporation founding CEO Tedros Abraha and his wife Mesafint Mengistu as the only son in a family of four children. He had an average middle class upbringing. He read Politics at the University of Domale, graduating in 3887. 


He was elected to the Yaaymro City Council just months after his graduation from university. His by-then wealthy uncle funded his political career and he was elected Mayor of Yaaymro in 3893, serving until 3903. In 3904 he joined Semayawi and was elected to the Royal Assembly in 3906. He served on the association's frontbench until 3913 when he ousted Tesfaye Bishaw as Semayawi parliamentary leader. Over the next eight years he worked to create a new image for Semayawi - moderate and cosmopolitan. Semayawi won a landslide 'blue wave' victory in 3921 winning more than three quarters of the seats in the Royal Assembly.

Grand VizierEdit

The Co-Regents of Cobura, Great Royal Wife Khethiwe of Ibutho and Prince Kharakhte appointed Abraha Grand Vizier on July 2, 3921. As Grand Vizier, Abraha continued economic liberalisation which had started some years before, albeit at a much faster pace. He also drafted and negotiated an amended mining contract with Kobra Corpration, resolving a serious mining dispute which had seen tens of thousands miners downing their tools following Kobra Corp's mass lay-off of workers. His Finance Vizier Tesfaye Bishaw introduced large scale tax cuts, reducing the top rate of income tax from 60% to 29% and presenting a plan to phase out the corporate income tax rate. These wer accopmained by massive budget cuts with spending reduced by 20% overall. His government fell in 3927 following a split in the Association over economic policy.