Category: Human rights Drafted on: May 2120 Proposed By: Republican Party of Dolgaria
The signatories of this treaty agree that they shall never engage in the practice of human slavery, nor to allow any trade whatsoever in slavery.


NationDate of Ratification
Federated Hegemony of New Endralon February 2121
Republica Baltusia February 2121
Free Republic of Dorvik June 2121
Cildanian Republic July 2121
Federal Republic of Kalistan July 2121
Free Democratic Union of Kirlawa November 2121
United Tribes of Tukarali December 2122
Democratic Republic of Ikradon November 2123
Independent Davostan Republic April 2124
Valruzian Federation July 2124
Commonwealth of Rutania December 2124
Republic of Hobrazia August 2125
Telamon Commonwealth September 2127
Democratic Republic of Aloria September 2131
Republic of Aldegar July 2134
Independent Wantuni Republic April 2136
Republic of Mordusia March 2144
Dundorf Demokratische Republik June 2144
Union of Saridani Socialist Republics January 2169
United Majatran Republic of Socialist Al'Badara January 2172
Union of Vanuku November 2206
Union of Sekowo June 2229
Jelbé Isràé Krsyigad August 2252
Republic of Gishoto November 2275
Kundrati Union April 2285
Dolgarian Empire December 2293
Prefectural Consulate of Zardugal January 2305
Five Nations of Lodamun July 2308
Repubblica Istaliana August 2316