Government Protection Office
Formed 22nd May 4197
Jurisdiction Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Dorvik
Headquarters Hugo-Greene Weg 115-167,
92455 Haldor, Kordusia
Employees 5.770
Minister Responsible Federal Minister of Internal Affaris, Katharina Imhoff (PD)
Executive Director Katharina Imhoff (acting)

The Government Protection Office, GPO, commonly known as Regschutz (dun: Regierungschutzdienst, RSD) was a uniformed and armed service carrying out tasks in the field of protection of people and state installations.

The RSD tasks will be to uphold the law, protect the life and health of citizens and to protect the government and state administration were under the supervision of the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The RSD was responsible for providing security of:
- the President of the Federal Republic (while in office),
- the Federal Chancellor (while in office),
- the Federal Ministers and Deputy Ministers, (while in office)
- the President of the Federal Assembly (while in office),
- the Deputy Presidents of the Federal Assembly (while in office),
- former Presidents of the Federal Republic (5 years),
- former Federal Chancellors (2 years),
- foreign Heads of States and Governments while on dorvish soil,

- facilities used by the President of the Federal Republic,
- facilities used by the Federal Chancellor,
- official diplomatic missions of the Federal Republic of Dorvik

The Government Protection Office security operations are focused on preventative activities realized through: - tactical planning of VIP and facility protection - intelligence gathering, analysis - prevention of potential threats - coordination during security operations - security of facilities and installations - personal protection - regular training

The President of the Government Protection Office was elected by the Federal Assembly every 5 years, there was no limit of terms an individual may serve as the President of the RSD.

The RSD headquarters was located in the Federal Ministry of Interior Affairs.

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