Seal of government

Official seal of the Indralan government

The Government and politics of Indrala takes place within the framework of a unitary constitutional parliamentary monarchy. Power is mainly divided between legislative and judicial branches. Various elections are held and numerous political parties exist.


Indrala's constitution is loose, stipulating the powers of the various branches of government but allowing flexibility by empowering the legislature, currently the Grand Assembly, to amend it with only a two-thirds vote.

Political InstitutionsEdit

Chief CounselorEdit

In Indrala, the head of government is the indirectly elected Chief Counselor. They are the leader of the cabinet and in charge of governing the nation. Prior to the reintroduction of the monarchy and Chief Counselor, the Chancellor was head of state and government, and prior to that the President was the head of state.


The cabinet is led by the Chief Counselor and must be approved by an absolute majority in the Grand Assembly.


In Indrala, the Grand Assembly is the legislative branch of government. It is a unicameral legislature, composed of six-hundred-and-sixty-eight individuals elected by a specific district. Regional list proportional representation is used for Grand Assembly elections.

Relatively speaking, the legislature is perceived to be the most powerful branch of government. All legislation must pass before the National Assembly in order to become law and the executive power of the emperor is virtually nonexistent.

The legislature can also approve or oppose ratification of treaties, constitutional amendments, normal legislation and budget plans. Furthermore, the Grand Assembly can also easily call early elections (which requires only an absolute majority vote) when confidence in the government has been lost.


In Indrala, the body with supreme judicial power is the High Court of Indrala.

Political PartiesEdit

Party Grand Assembly Seats Ideology
New Dawn
115 / 688
Nationalism, Liberal Conservatism
Lotus Party
43 / 688
Lotisianism, Progressivism
Social Democratic Party
132 / 668
Social Democracy, Progressivism
Grand National Party
105 / 688
Nationalism, Conservatism
Communist Party
180 / 688
Metzism, Republicanism
Freedom Party
51 / 688
Capitalism, Corporatism
Civic Forum
42 / 688
Centrism, Republicanism.


In Indrala, the most significant elections are for the Grand Assembly. They are usually every six years, though early elections can be called by a majority vote of the legislature.

YuDynastyFlag State of Indrala

瑩大磖國 (Indralan)
Yingdala Guo

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Geography Natural Features: Ma-Gan River - Anle Range - Tebie Desert - Baitian Valley
Provinces: Han - Jiaozhi - Min - Anle - Shu
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