Grand National Party
GNP Logo
Motto Esse Quam Videri
Name in Gao-Showa ハンナラ党,
Gurande Kokuritsu Koutou
Name in French Partie Nationale Grande
Political Ideology Liberal Conservatism, Conservatism
Political Position Centre-Right
Political Compass
Economic Left/Right 4.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian 3.69
Cabinet Positions
Founded October 2690
Party Leader Franklin Checketts
Headquarters Grand National Building
City Kasmenai
Nation Sekowo
Primary Organizations International Union of Liberal-Conservatives
Secondary Organizations Alliance for Capital Punishment

Anti-Imperialism League
International Buddhist & Taoic Association
International Lesbian & Gay Rights Association (ILGRA)
International Pro-Choice Movement
International Science, Education, and Culture Organization
International Secularist Society
National Sovereignty Protection League
Organization for Free Trade (OFT)
Parties Against Hunting Endangered Animals
Right to Bear Arms Alliance
United Against Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons
United States Coalition

The Grand National Party (Gao. Gurande Kokuritsu Koutou; Fr. Partie Nationale Grande; Abbr. GNP) was a liberal conservative political party in Sekowo.

The party was headquartered in Kasmenai, Hasowar. It had offices in most major cities and all states.

History Edit

GNP Headquarters

GNP Headquarters in Kasmenai, 2690-Present

Foundation & Reformation Edit

In October 2690, Hideki Shinchi founded the Grand National Party in Sekowo. The party existed until February 2695 when the party disbanded due to the mass creation of frivolous parties and a low amount of support. After five years away, the party returned in the Summer of 2700 under the leadership of Franklin Checketts.

Offices Held Edit

  • None

Figures in the Movement Edit

Chairmen Edit

Name Rule
Hideki Shinshi 2690-2695
Franklin Checketts 2700-Present

Vice Chairmen Edit

Name Rule
Sato Akihito 2690-2695
Richard Thorne 2700-Present

Cabinet Candidates/Area Advisers Edit

  • Head of Government: Richard Thorne
  • Foreign Affairs: Iwasawa Kyota
  • Internal Affairs: Hildegard Klay
  • Finance: Hirofumi Kenichi
  • Defense: Onoda Ken
  • Justice: Hironaka Kokichi
  • Infrastructure & Transport: Fukushima Shigeki
  • Health & Social Services: Ota Kazuo
  • Education & Culture: Hamada Yoju
  • Science & Technology: Yamamoto Shozo
  • Food & Agriculture: Arne Solberg
  • Environment & Tourism: Kitigawa Yosuke
  • Trade & Industry: Katherine Tenden

Party Legislation Edit

See List Here: List of GNP Legislation

Electoral History Edit

Main Article: Electoral History of the Grand National Party

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