Green Party of the Empire
Leader Odrhan Ua Talamh
Founded 2312
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Nation Dolgarian Empire
Ideology Green
Political Position Left
International Affiliations International Greens
Colours 66FF66

The Green Party of the Empire is the Green movement's manifestation in the Dolgarian Empire. As a Green party the GPE advocates ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolence, sustainability, and respect for diversity.

RepublicofDolgariaFlag Republic of Dolgaria
Dolgariapolis (capital)
History History | The Dolgarian Federation | The Dolgarian Kingdom | The Dolgarian Empire | The Second Dolgarian Federation | 2094 Monarchical Restoration | Worker's Rising | Dolgavan War | Land of Saint Parnum | Monarchy of Dolgaria
Geography Provinces: Hodari | Lirath | Quagotu | Karzon | Korzin Valley
Major cities: Dolgariapolis | Dariena | Dolgarburg | Jedonavich | Kamerforts | Odrosta | Stompils
Demographics Ethnicities: Dolgar | Karzonian | Lirathi | Hulstrian
Religion: Daenism | Hosianism (Good Church, Terran Patriarchal Church)
Culture Culture | Sport in Dolgava | Education in Dolgava
Politics & Government Government and Politics of Dolgava | Great Council | Dolgavan Inquisition | Federal elections of the Republic of Dolgaria | Government and Politics of Dolgaria
Active Parties: Forward Party of Dolgaria | Progress Party | Radical Democrats | Dolgarian Green Party | Dolgaria Democratic Alliance | Dolgarian Peoples Party
Historic Parties: see Historic Parties of Dolgaria | Arch Party | Choice
Military Military

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