Gregory Lloyd Harte was elected Chairman of the Hobrazian Peoples Party (HPP) in the Republic of Hobrazia in 2200.

Gregory Lloyd Harte was born in 2167 and is a politician by birth. His father was a member of the HPP and he very early introduced his son to the party. The young Gregory Lloyd Harte found an interest for life and became the youngest member of the party as he registered in 2182 only 15 years old. For the next 10 years he raised to the top of the party and gained enourmously respect among the younger members of the party. He became member of the executive committee in 2190 and proclaimed to challenge the older generation. He believed that HPP needed change in its parliamentary group and that the politics was going sour. There was a need for more explosive and agressive politicians and these had to be found among the youngsters in the party.

After the elections in 2192 internal dispute began in HPP. The gap between the generations in the party grew wider and wider, and the executive committee, controlled by the elder generation decided to withdraw the HPP from hobrazian politics after the running period. There was a huge reaction in the younger generation in the party, with Gregory Lloyd Harte as leader, but the elder generation remained in control of the executive committee untill 2200 where all the sitting important members withdrawed from the party and let the younger generation come to power. This opened up for a new era for the HPP. The newly elected chairman Gregory Lloyd Harte predicted massive gains all over Hobrazia. His prediction showed to be true, as the revived HPP became the second largest party, with 55 seats, at the following 2202 elections. A great way to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of parliamentary participation.

In 2220 HPP celebrated Gregory Lloyd Harte for being their chairman for 20 years. So far the longest in HPP history. The middle-aged (53) was only 33 when he became the youngest chairman of HPP and his popularity within the party as well in the whole republic is enormous. His energy and his ability to handle pressure and stressed situation (refering to the "socialist conflict" between AMTPoH and HPP) as well as his parliamentary talents and his government style (uniting the people) has given him the upper hand on the voters in Hobrazia. An example is the "Gregory Lloyd Harte Society" who has established themselves as a recognized association with the purpose to award important and influent hobrazian personalities. Gregory Lloyd Harte was awarded the first award given by the society.

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