The Guardian of the Cedars believe in a Pontesian future for Gran Tadraki. Recognising the fact that the Pnték have been oppressed by the Jews in the region for over 150 years, the Guardians support the rightful Pontesian claim to the lands. It is named for the Cedar, the ancient tree of Pontesi.

Guardians of the Cedars began as a patriotic movement within Pontesi with the express aim of uniting patriotic parties to fight threats against Pontesi, external and internal.

It is their aim to maintain the homogenuity of the Pontesian population, as well as to fight the spread of communism within our nation. They attempt to uphold our ancient values of decency, unity, and the strength of the State.

The Guardians of the Cedars support a united front in Presidential elections and believe that members of the organisation should unite behind one candidate.

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Pn1 Pontesian Dynastic Commonwealth
Dawnstar (capital)
History & Economy History of Pontesi, Pontesian Civil War
Geography Migrant's Pass
Demographics Arev Mardik, Seluco-Pontesians
Culture National Anthem: Oh Fatherland
Religion Aurorian Patriarchal Church, Terran Patriarchal Church
Satrapies Bazileum | Septentria | Caespasia | Azorium | Mitraeum
Politics Historically Important Parties: Democrat Party, One Nation Conservative Party, Aurora Libertatis, Pontesi Socialistic National Unity Party, Crimson Crusade
Nobility Noble Houses: House of Belknap, House Mederagaar, House Aedinius
People Alamar Xarfaxis