City of Hauzenwald


Hauzenwald (Rostock)
Ports of Hauzenwald
Country Dorvik
Region Kordusia
Government Mayor-Council
  Governing body Hauzenwald City Council
  Ruling party(s)
Area 1,087.92 km2
Population 4.1m

Hauzenwald is a major city in Dorvik, it is located on the northern portion of Kordusia and serves as one of the leading industrial centers of the Dorvish economy. It is responsible for nearly 40% market share of all ship building throughout the world. The city is home to the Dorvish Navy's Reserve Support Fleet (Reserve Unterstützungsflotte) and the Dorvish Naval Academy (Dundorfian: Dorvische Marineschule), which draws in a significant foreign population of tourist who wish to see the large and prestigious naval academy. Hauzenwald is the primary home of Dorvish shipbuilding.

Government and politicsEdit

Hauzenwald is governed by a Lord Mayor (Dundorfian: Oberbürgermeister) who is elected alongside a City Council (Dundorfian: Stadtrat) it is currently composed of 36 members, 2 for each borough of Hauzenwald. Hauzenwald is split primarily between the western boroughs which are industrial and primarily blue-collar workers who often are supportive of left-wing and center-left politicians but in recent history have taken to right-wing movements such as the All-Dorvish League who have fought for protections for Dorvish workers. The eastern part of the city is traditionally conservative due to the concentration of wealth within the eastern parts of the city.

Law enforcement and securityEdit

Hauzenwald is an important city to the Dorvish state and incredibly important to the Dorvish economy thus the State Criminal Police and the State Security Service maintain an Oberstelle (Luthorian: Senior station) within Hauzenwald to oversee the activities within the city. The Dorvish Police also have a large contingent of Field Police regiments within the city. The Dorvish Police have dispatched 989. Feldpolizei-Regiment, 987. Feldpolizei-Regiment, the 986. Feldpolizei-Regiment, the 985. Feldpolizei-Regiment, the 984. Feldpolizei-Regiment and the 983, Feldpolizei-Regiment.

The State Customs Administration maintain a large presence within Hauzenwald, as they do Schrudehofen, Küssingen and other major and minor port cities of the Dorvish state. The Ports of Hauzenwald are considered large enough to be assigned a Hafenkommandanten (Luthorian: Port Commander) by the State Customs Administration; thus they have an incredibly large contingent of SCA officials and personnel.

Demographics and cultureEdit


Hauzenwald remains one of the largest industrial centers of the Dorvish state. Hauzenwald is home to several of the worlds leading shipbuilding companies such as Dorvische Werft, Dundorfische Werft, Reich Werft "Hauzenwald", and Drexler-Kreisel Marine systems. The Dorvish Naval Academy also draws many tourist into the city, just outside of Kreide, a borough of Hauzenwald is Bad Innsnau, a "winter resort" area for the wealthy from throughout the world.


Hauzenwald was fortunate that it remained incredibly flat and was built up significantly overtime. During the winter it is cold as it is the northern most city in the world, it retains that right over several cities that are located in Keris, Makon and Dovani. Most months out of the year, short of one or two months during the summer, Hauzenwald is cold and serves as a cold weather port of the Dorvish maritime industry.



Boroughs of Hauzenwald

  1. Bankenwiesen
  2. Sauberfeld
  3. Zollstadt
  4. Innenstadt
  5. Karlsburg
  6. Mondschloss
  7. Himmlischenküste-Grafikerburg
  8. Die Nanz
  9. Tränestrand
  10. Elfenbeinkap - Home to the Dorvish Navy's Reserve Support Fleet (Reserve Unterstützungsflotte) and the Dorvish Naval Academy (Dundorfian: Dorvische Marineschule).
  11. Jetzenstrasse
  12. Langenbucht
  13. Kreide
  14. Freiheitsplatz
  15. Grünerweiterung
  16. Dorpe
  17. Koltz-Sleinback
  18. Waldrand
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