Hel, formerly known as Nuzria, is the capital of the Połysk province in the Valruzian Republic. Historically, it was the capital both of the nation of Zuma and of the Tirkalara province of the Valruzian Kingdom.

Hel is as old as the Zuman civilization, and there have been humans living in the area for millenia. It is not clear precisely when Hel took its current name, but if first gained its importance when the nation of Zuma was established around 230 C.E. by the Council of Nuzria.Hel was once the holy city of Thartitism, the ancient Zuman natural religion. Here, its Sacrosanct High Priests were chosen and instructed.

Modern Hel is home to the district of Walraciuna, the largest population of Valruzians in southern Tormaszek.

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