The Hero of Terra was an award given out to the individual or individuals thought to have done the most for Terra in the year.

It was founded in 2310 by the Chairman of the Royal Bank of Keymon, Frederick Bell, but was not awarded until 2312.

The award lasted for 14 years until it was forced to disbnand in 2326 by the Keymon government. This came after intense Deltarian pressure following the award being given to the controversial Alexander Neesam. Since 2326 no move has been made to ressurect the award most likely because the Deltarian government has officially placed it on its Vendetta list. Until September 2463 When the World Court, re-founded by John Hagee of the Christian Zionist Party of Beiteynu, formed with the old Hero of Terra foundation it was reestablished. As for funding it is in the prosses of being funded by the bank of Beiteynu


Year Individual or Individuals or Organisation Nation(s) of Origin Reason
2312 Lord Timothy Bunton and Adolph Dinkel Dorvik and Dundorf For founding and spearheading peace talks between the nations of Dorvik and Dundorf.
2313 Wali Thomas Gishoto For dismantling the nuclear weaponary programme of Gishoto and for seeking a peaceful solution to the Welsh-Dranian question.
2314 Adrian Bertoni Cildania For attempting to resolve the Kafuristan-Deltaria conflict on an international level and through democratic and peaceful means.
2315 Ann Hurles Mordusia For granting equal rights to the French speaking population of Mordusia.
2316 Bryce Leigh VII (posthumously) Keymon For providing stablity in the post civil war Keymon society and for standing strong against internal terrorism
2317 The Tadraki Relief Fund Beiteynu For taking extreme risks to provide medical care to victims of the Beiteynu-Pontesi conflict regardless of their religious or ethnic background.
2318 Radio Free Terra (At the time) Dorvik, Kirlawa and Davostan For promoting free speech and free media throughout Terra and specifically for its coverage of the Rokkanville bombings.
2319 Tokugawa Ieyasu Gishoto For fighting for equal rights and securing political representation for the Gao-Showa people of Gishoto.
2320 Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy Sekowo For ending the dictatorship of the Militarist Party and supervising a peaceful transition to democracy in Sekowo.
2321 Karel Asch Foundation Mordusia For promoting global cooperation in the fight against poverty.
2322 Eldur Desticus and Ludwig Wilhelm I of Assedo Selucia For their joint efforts in ending the one party state of Selucia and furthering democracy within the nation.
2323 Itzal Zorion Solentia For his work in restoring freedom and democracy to Solentia.
2324 Sonja Peters Kafuristan For fostering political unity and for her contributions towards liberating Kafuristan from Deltarian occupation.
2325 Morton Kennington Barmenistan For ending dictatorial conditions in Barmenistan and restoring power to democratically elected officials.
January 3437 Marvin Juetting Rutania For his help in establishing 100 hospitals for poor in terra


The Hero of Terra award received criticism throughout its history. Three winners in particular received criticism: the 2314, 2315 and 2317 winners. Adrian Bertoni was criticised for not being well known enough; Ann Hurles was criticised by many conservative nations for being female, and the Tadraki Relief Fund was criticised by the government of Beiteynu, because they believe the credentials given them are false (Moshe Ne'eman of Ma'avak in Beiteynu declared "This is ridiculous. They claim these people are heros but they are nothing more than a part of the growing epidemic of anti-semitism. This organisation spends its time aiding the very people that seek to complete destruction of the Terra wide Jewish population. This is a joke!").

Many groups Deltaria continuously nominated Czár Sebastian I since 2313 (in fact, he received the most nominations of any individual) but never received an award. Nuncirists also condemned the awards as "Crimethink", and the 2318 recipient, Radio Free Terra, was banned in Solentia; this ban has since been lifted by the 2323 recipient, Itzal Zorion.


  • Gishoto (2313 and 2319) and Mordusia (2315 and 2321) were the only nations to have received two Hero of Terra awards. Dorvik received two partial awards - 2312 and 2318 - but this added up to just 5/6 of an award.
  • Eight individuals, three sets of two people and four organizations won the Hero of Terra.