House of Assedo
Head of Family Wilhelm IV
Founded 2088
Family Palace Castle Golden Perl
Nation Selucian Empire
Political Ideology Royalists
Political Position Center
Primary International Affiliation Allied Nations
Secondary International Affiliations SOTO
Colours #EFC869
Motto Pro Gloria et Patria

The House of Assedo is a very old Selucian noble family. The family gives the city Assedo her name. Lots of Imperators are coming from this family and they are known for their social engagement in the Empire as well as for the bitter fighting with the Deltarians. They founded the Imperial Party of Selucia which functions as their political arm in the Empire.

Imperial Party of Selucia Edit

The political arm of the House of Assedo, the IPS. Here the family and her suporters and loyal members are working on political agendas and new laws for the Empire.
Traditionally the IPS unifies the old Selucian families and conservative citizens who are royalists and center-conservative but have also a social connection.
Pro Gloria et Patria is the motto of the family and the IPS. What is best for the Empire and her citizens is also best for the family.

The traditional political opponent is the VBS which stands on the total opposite site of the political spectrum. Though the IPS mostly try to unify political views in her daily work, it is sometimes not possible to do so with the VBS.

Motus Patriciorum Edit

After the demise of the Imperial Party of Selucia it was politically inactive. Rights were stripped away and the House of Assedo could no longer stand on the side line and watch. Therefore the current head of the House of Assedo, whose name is Wilhelm IV, has asked all Selucian Houses to join him in a party, named Motus Patriciorum, to give the power back to the Houses. Wilhelm IV had to do some concessions, he had to adopt the name: Lucius Assedo Candidus. All members have to adopt a tria nomina and can show that they are members of the Houses. On the other hand, Motus Patriciorum pushes for making Selucia a kingdom again, mostly because of the House of Assedo.

Family Palace Edit

Schloss assedo

Castle Golden Perl

Castle Golden Perl is the home of the House of Assedo in Assedo City. Here the family meets national and also international politicians and celebrates the New Year with the citizens.
The environment and the garden of the castle is often the reason for a summit or secret talks between nations and politicians. The NPMP and the IPS hold a meeting here to work out the SOTO treaty.
Members of the Imperial Senate ,when IPS members, are meeting in the castle to work out new political steps and decisions.
One day per month the family opens the doors for the citizens to have better relationship and understanding for the needs of the Selucian poeple.

Family Members Edit

Name Date Position
Wilhelm IV 4160- Family Head
Friedrich Ludwig II of Assedo 2310 - Military term in the Guards
Ludwig Wilhelm I of Assedo 2277 - Imperator and Family Head
Friedrich Ludwig I of Assedo 2250 - 2328 Burial place
Karl Friedrich II of Assedo 2224 - 2308 Burial place
Friedrich Otto II of Assedo 2192 - 2268 Burial place
Karl Wilhelm II of Assedo 2165 - 2252 Burial place
Friedrich III of Assedo 2138 - 2211 Burial place
Karl Friedrich I of Assedo 2115 - 2199 Burial place
Friedrich Otto I of Assedo 2087 - 2169 Burial place
Friedrich Wilhelm II of Assedo 2061 - 2136 Burial place
Friedrich II of Assedo 2040 - 2127 Burial place
Karl Wilhelm I of Assedo 2018 - 2093 Burial place
Karl Friedrich I of Assedo 1985 - 2060 Burial place
Wilhelm III of Assedo 1960 - 2040 Burial place
Wilhelm II of Assedo 1929 - 2009 Burial place
Friedrich Wilhelm I of Assedo 1900 - 1970 Burial place
Friedrich I of Assedo 1875 - 1950 Burial place
Wilhelm I of Assedo 1848 - 1913 Burial place

Burial place of Assedo


Friedrich II of Assedo

The Companies Edit

  • Assedo Heavy Industries
The company is producing a wide spectrum of products in the Empire.
Stell tubes, wires, parts for ship and sub hulls as well as military
equipment and armoured vehicles. A subdivison are the ammunition
factories which delivers to the Imperial Military and other contractors.
  • Assedo Cars
Founded 2095 in Assedo City Assedo Cars is part of
the House of Assedo's companies. Traditionally the
company produces limousines of the upper middle and
higher segment. It was the first company in the
Empire which started to use ecological motors to
reduce fuel consumption. From time to time Assedo
cars produces a charge of low segment cars for the
masses to fullfill its social engagement in the Empire.
Such a charge has a number of 250.000 cars and are
sold with only a 100 SEN win. 75% of this earning will
be spent to social groups and cultural programs.
  • Assedo Shipping
This company is one of the oldest of the House of Assedo. The HQ is
in Assedo City and connects the Empire with other nations of Terra.
30 ships are running under the flag of Assedo from small coast ships
to hugh container ships and oil tankers
  • Assedo Call Mobile
As new phoning technology appeared the House of Assedo used this
possibility to found a mobile phone company. The company is not
only producing cell phones but also providing a mobile grid. The
company's HQ is in Assedo City wich is a good location also to
expand to the northern nations.

The Assedo Guard Edit

  • 1. Assedo Garde Regiment
    • 1. Assedo Garde Battailon
    • 2. Assedo Garde Battailon
    • 3. Assedo Garde Battailon
The personal guard of the House of Assedo. The guard is responsible
for the security of the noble house and also shows the colour for
political visitors from other nations. It might be possible parts of
guard see duty outsite of the Empire but this is a really rare happening.
There is no intention to use the guard for any kind of putsch inside the Empire.

Charity Edit

  • Street Kitchen Project
Every month the House of Assedo spends 250.000 SEN
to support this project. It was founded to help the
homeless and poor people. Here the people can get
a warm meal and help.
  • Citizens's University
This university in Assedo was founded for those who
normally don't have a chance to visit a university.
It shall help children of poor and low-income families
to become well educated and a better start in their
future work life.
  • Student Exchange Organisation
With the Student Exchange Organisation Selucian students
the House of Assedo have the possibilities to travel into
other nations and to visit a university. Students from
those nations, on the other side, have the possibility
to visit Selucia. With this project the House of Assedo
improves a better understanding for other cultures and
offers the students new perspectives.
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