House of Nordenburg

Talmorian Flag

Flag of the Nordenburg Dynasty

Status Extinct (House of Saksoure claims direct descent)
Founding 3564

Matthaeus Herzog-Rählert (Matthaeus I of Holy Talmoria)

  • Talmoria
  • Aslistan
Head of House
  • Extinct
  • Talmori ka Faama (King of Talmoria)
  • Emir of Aslistan (elevated to a Kingdom)
  • Asli ka Faama (King of the Asli)
  • Prince of Ibutho (honorary)
Colors Yellow and Green
Extant Cadet Branches
  • House of Hakim
  • House of Gao
  • House of Laye-Tarikh-Neuhaus
Extinct Cadet Branches
  • House of Laye
  • The Tarikh Clan
  • House of Laye-Tarikh
Related Houses


The House of Neuhaus, formerly the House of Nordenburg, is the royal house of both Talmoria and Aslistan. The house originated from Hulstrians who immigrated to Talmoria. The Neuhaus claim to be descended from the older royal House of Hemmingway, but this has not be proven. The House of Neuhaus is one of the most ethnically diverse royal families in Dovani with Hulstrian, Asli, Ibutho and Indralan roots. The family rose to power in the mid-3560s. The Dynasty would rule over Talmoria and Aslistan for an uninterrupted 256 years until their disposition at the hands of a communist insurrection. After being ousted from power the family would disperse all over Terra and many eventually adopted new nations.

In 3971 the Neuhaus Dynasty was offered the Talmorian throne by the nation's Gbara (Talmorian legislature). They returned to Talmoria after more than a century and half. The family has ruled the country sporadically since 3970's as they were deposed and restored several times.

Currently the only surviving member of the ancient house is Queen Moniade I who is reigning in Talmoria. Moniade is the granddaughter of King Enyinnaya the previous king of Talmoria. She is married patrilineally to Tutmaios Saksoure who is the heir apparent of Cobura and Hawu Mumumenhes. Their issue will be of the Saksoure dynasty. Thus the Neuhaus dynasty will end with Moniade.

Nordenburg Palace

The restored Nordenburg Palace in Hawaso.

Religious Matters Edit

Although the dynasty's first members were Hosian and did much to spread the Hosian faith in Talmoria, the dynasty eventually converted to the Israist branch of Ahmadisim. Franz II was the first of his dynasty to convert to this new faith. It is believed that his decision to convert was influenced by his Asli wife's family as well as political pressure from the predominantly Asli nation. Ever since the Ahmadism, especially Israism, has flourished in the nation. The dynasty at some point had dynastic ties to the last Ahmadi caliphate (the Razamid Caliphate).

Important MembersEdit