House of Orléans-Vasser
Kanjor Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of the House of Orléans-Vasser
Country Rildanor
Titles Recognised:

King of the Rildanoriens Unrecognised:
King of Kanjor
King of Noumonde
Emperor of Lourenne
Emperor of Canrille
Emperor of Narikaton
King of Darnussia

Style(s) His/Her Majesty
Founder Léopold Jean Tristan d'Orléans-Vasser
Current head Auguste I of Rildanor
Founding 2608
Ethnicity Canrillaise (ethnicity)
Religion Aurorian Patriarchal Church
Estates Château de Fin du Nord (Kanjor)
Château de Chaumont (Lourenne)

Château de Fontainebleau-Versailles (Rildanor)

The House of Orléans-Vasser (Canrillaişe: Le maison d'Orléans-Vasser) is the ruling royal family in Rildanor and the former ruling house in Kanjor, Lourenne and Narikaton/Darnussia. In Kanjor, the house was replaced by the House of Villiers.



Léopold of Rildanor on the day of his coronation in 2611

The House was founded with the merger of the noble families of Orléans and Vasser in 2587 upon the marriage of Jean-Philippe d'Orléans and Isolde de Vasser in Rildanor. While the House of Orléans-Vasser maintained its distant claim to the throne of Rildanor, it was created to extend and manage the business enterprises of the original two houses, the oldest of the noble families of the country.

In 2591, Jean-Philippe and Isolde celebrated the birth of Léopold Jean Tristan d'Orléans-Vasser in the family palace in Rildanor. Young Léopold was groomed in the noble tradition of both business management and court life. However, it soon became clear that the Rildanor royal family, the House of Nareath, would soon end due to the childless marriage of Hénri II.

In October of 2611, after a long discussion in the Senate of Rildanor regarding the succession to the throne, the House of Orléans-Vasser was chosen from among the noble families to ascend to the throne based on a distant relation to the Nareaths. On 25 December 2611, with much pomp and circumstance, the seventeen-year-old Léopold Jean Tristan d'Orléans-Vasser was crowned Léopold I, Roi des Rildanoriens (King of the Rildanorians) in Ville de Saints by His Holiness Arch-Patriarch Sergius II.


The House of Orléans-Vasser has four branches, each with its own family head who has claims to one of the countries' thrones. The branches also have different lines of succession, but only the Rildanor branch contains all four families in its line because they all descend from Léopold I of Rildanor, the dynasty's first monarch. The Kanjor branch is restricted to the descendants of Léopold I of Kanjor, the elder Léopold's grandson, and the Lourenne branch is restricted to the descendants of Renée I of Lourenne, the elder Léopold's great-great-granddaughter. The Narikaton line of succession is limited to the descendants of Anton II and Adèle I, the daughter of Kanjoran King Frédéric II.


King Léopold was married to Princess Isabelle (b. 2591) of Pontesi. They had two children, Joséphine (b. 2614) and Léopold, Prince of Meriath (b. 2615). Princess Josephine was married to Prince Balthazar (b. 2608), Count of Phoénixstein, second son of the Emperor of Jelbania, nephew of the Emperor of Hulstria on 5 May 2637. As the heir to the throne, she became Queen soon after the death of her father from injuries sustained in a car crash on 14 February 2639. She was crowned Joséphine II, Reine des Rildanoriens (Queen of the Rildanorians).

HM Queen Joséphine II gave birth to her only child and heir, HM Prince Alexandre, on 9 August 2641. HM Prince Alexandre was married to Wanda Madeleine Caroline Stuart (b. 2644), Princess of Venetium (Zardugal), daughter of King Charles Frederick I and Queen-Consort Madeleine on 14 December 2668. Six years later, on 24 November 2674, Joséphine II stepped down from the throne of Rildanor citing ill health and, within the customary five days, her son was crowned Alexandre I, Roi des Rildanoriens with Wanda as Queen consort. Soon afterward, the royal couple had a daughter, Princess Thérèse (b. 2678), who was heir apparent to the throne.

In 2682, a few months after the crowning of his cousin Prince Léopold as King of Kanjor, HM King Alexandre was forcibly removed from the throne by several powerful republican and communist parties. Alexandre fled to Kanjor, where he was appointed Regent of Kanjor until the young Louise-Elisabeth came of age. The monarchy, however, would be revived [1] in 2709 with Thérèse I as Reine des Rildanoriens.


The Kanjorien line has debatably been frought with the most danger and tragedy of all the lines, due to the difficult relationship of the Kanjorien people with outsiders, and the power of republican forces within Kanjor. The Kanjorien line is the only line to have members of the Orléans-Vasser family assassinated.

Léopold, Prince of Meriath (b. 2615), brother of Joséphine II, married Antonia Af Ehjnhelm (b. 2621) of Darnussia and had a son, Prince Léopold (b. 2640). This marriage also forms the foundation of Kanjor's claims to the Narikaton/Darnussian throne, which was brought up in the 32nd century in the latter's monarchical restoration and the formation of a new branch of the Orléans-Vasser family.

Leopold of Kanjor

HRH King Léopold of Kanjor shortly before his assassination in 2683.

The younger Prince Léopold remained third in line to the throne of Rildanor. He married Madeleine Desjardins (b. 2647) in 2672 and their only child, Princess Louise-Elisabeth, was born on 11 April 2678. During the early 2680s, the Kanjorien monarchist movement began in earnest by seeking a family to fill its centuries old royal vacancy. Because of the long duration between the last monarchs and the reestablishment proposal, Kanjor was void of any sizable or legitimate royal family and it was necessary to look abroad to fill this void.

Many suitors offered themselves to the position but the majority failed the prerequisite qualifications of Theognosianism and French ethnicity as required by the Kanjorien Senate. The younger Prince Léopold of Rildanor was offered and accepted the position in late 2681. He was crowned Léopold, King of Kanjor in Ville de Saints by Pope Jamie II on 1 January 2682 to much fanfare and celebration throughout Kanjor and Rildanor. Léopold began the long process of recreating monarchical institutions and precedents in Kanjor. However, he would not live to see the results of his labour.

House Orleans-Vasser

House of Orléans-Vasser family tree.

On 23 October 2683, as King Léopold addressed a group of reporters on the steps of the newly rechristened États-Généraux building he was shot multiple times at close range by an assassin showing a forged press pass. (Albert IV was the other monarch to be assassinated in 3123). He was rushed to the nearest hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival. The assassin, Gustav Genoit, was quickly apprehended by police and the King's bodyguards. Through his interrogation by police it was proved that he had worked alone and had killed the King in order to bring about the second coming of Jesus and the rapture. Genoit was convicted of regicide and given life in prison without the possibility of parole in accordance with Kanjorien law.

Because of Léopold's assassination, his five-year old daughter, Princess Louise-Elisabeth, was crowned HRH Queen Louise-Elisabeth, Reine de Kanjor on 1 November 2683. Given the Queen's tender age, her newly dethroned Rildanorian uncle, Alexandre I of Rildanor, was proclaimed her regent until she reached the legimate age of eighteen.


The Kanjor branch of the family finally ended with King Albert V in 3230. With no children of his own, the crown passed to his distant cousin in the House of Villiers, Noëlle, who chose to end its ties with the former house. However, by a strange twist of fate, the new Queen married Prince Baudouin, the second child of the King of Rildanor. Although Baudouin was second to Princess Joséphine in the line of succession, he nonetheless became King of Rildanor in 3256 after the death of his sister.


The Lourennian branch of the family began with Thérèse, the daughter of the deposed king of Rildanor, Alexandre. The House of Orléans-Vasser is related to the Nareaths, who ruled both Rildanor and the its then colony of Lourenne. Under this context, the Government of Lourenne formally offered Thérèse the newly formed Golden Kingdom in 2703, which she accepted without giving up her claim to the Rildanorian throne, styling herself as Thérèse I, Queen of the Rildanorians and Lourenne. However, after being installed as Queen of the Rildanorians in 2709, monarchists in both Lourenne and Rildanor thought the arrangement too confusing and potentially damaging to bilateral relations, forcing the Queen to abdicate her Lourennian throne in favour of her daughter, Renée I. The Lourennian branch would then limit the line of succession to Renée's children.

HM Queen Renée I ruled as regent in Lourenne until 5 March 2778 when her daughter, Crown Princess Isabelle, felt comfortable enough to take the throne of Lourenne.

The Lourennian branch has also deviated from the other two by mixing with non-white peoples, particularly with the majority Mixtec Mayan population of the country. This was part of an effort to truly represent the Lourennian people by mixing their blood with the monarch, but was also the result of a lack of eligible Frenchmen that did not belong to the traditional business elite, which were often branded as "corrupt and mad families."


The Darnussia/Narikaton branch of the family, which is also descends from the Imperial Dynasty of Darntus-Raux, was formed in 31xx after a centuries-long absence of the monarchy.

The new monarch married Princess Adèle, the sister of the King of Kanjor, Frédéric II, as part of efforts to solidify and legitimize the new branch.


With the marriage of Baudouin III of Rildanor and Noëlle I of Kanjor, from the House of Villiers, the governments of those two countries decided to merge the crowns through their son, François, who went on to become the next Emperor of Canrille, ruling for 57 years. His sister, Princess Noelle d'Orleans-Vasser et Villiers, is the current Holy Luthori Empress, as she had married Emperor Philip III of Luthori, whilst he was still Viceroy of Alduria.



Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until Relationship to Previous Monarch
Leopold Léopold I of Rildanor 2611 2639 Founder
HM Josephine II Joséphine II 2639 2674 Daughter
HM Alexandre Alexandre 2674 2682 Son
HM Queen Therese Thérèse of Rildanor and Lourenne 2709 2740 Daughter
HM Leopold II Léopold II 2740 2773 Son
Baudouin Baudouin I 2773 2809 Son
Henri3 Hénri III 2809 2865(?) Son
HM Queen Adele Adèle 2870 2876 Daughter
Augustin-Bernard Augustin-Bernard 2876 2945 Son
André André I 2945 2995 Grandson
Andre2 André II 2998 3032 Grandson
Henri4 Hénri IV 3032 3037 Son
Josephine3 Joséphine III 3037 3052 Daughter
Baudouin2 Baudouin II 3052 3126 Brother
Frederic1 Frédéric 3126 3126 Son
Leopold3 Léopold III 3207 3223 Great-great-grandson
Helene Hélène 3223 3256 Daughter
Baudouin3 Baudouin III 3256 3260 Brother


Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Leopold of Kanjor Léopold of Kanjor 2682 2683
Louise-Elisabeth Louise-Elisabeth 2696
HRH King Albert III Albert III 2758 2774
Leopold II Frédéric 2850 2851
HRH Crown Prince Patric Patric Frédéric 2851 2884
HRH Crown Princess Sophie Sophie Irène 2884 2889
Crown Princess Judith Rachel
(Judith Mireille)
2960 3014
Crown Princess Brigitte Brigitte Marie Louise Elisabeth





Crown Princess Audrey Marie Louise-Elisabeth II 3078 3101
Léopold Frédéric II Léopold Frédéric II 3101 3112
Albert IV Albert IV 3112 3125
Frédéric II Frédéric II 3125 3211
Albert IV Frederic 3211 3221






Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
HM Queen Therese Thérèse I of Rildanor and Lourenne 2703 2710
Queen Renee Renée I 2710
HM Isabelle Isabelle I 2778 2790
HM Queen Renee II Renée II 2790 2793
Francois François I 2793 2850
HM King Immanuel Immanuel I 2858 2880(?)
LeopoldLourenne Léopold 2978 3005
Francois2 François II 3005 3019
Isabella2 Isabelle II 3019
Immanuele2 Immanuel II 3073 3108
Therese2 Thérèse II 3111 3127
Eric1 Éric I 3147 3166
Francois III 3293 3316

Narikaton and DarnussiaEdit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Anton2Adele1 Anton II and Adèle I 10 December 3125 14 August 3176
Alexanderi.jpg Alexander I 14 August 3176 3 November 3238
Male Camera Shy wbgd Alexander II 3 November 3238 15 May 3305
Male Camera Shy wbgd Alexander III 15 May 3305 2 January 3322
DarntusIINarikaton Darntus II and IX 2 January 3322 27 September 3375
Dante1 Dante I and VI 27 September 3375 5 November 3408
Marcel1 Marcel I and III 5 November 3408 4 July 3455
Alexander4 Alexander IV and I 4 July 3455 5 February 3489
Erikka I and III 5 February 3489 3555
Darntus III and X 3555 3598
Willem 3598 3665
Alexander V 3665


Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until Relationship to Previous Monarch
FrancoisCanrille1 François I 3260 3317 Founder - Son of Baudouin III of Rildanor and Noëlle I of Kanjor
Juliette1 Juliette I 3317 3335 Daughter
Josephine4 Joséphine IV 3335 3382 Daughter


3382 3404 ?
Philippe I 3404 3427 Son
Louis I 3427 3449 Son
Louis II 3449 3472 ?
Bernadette I 3472 3508 ?
Hénri IV 3508 3540 Son
Thérèse II 3540 3549 ?
Hélène I 3549 3575 ?
François II 3575 3613 ?
Adèle III 3613 3642 ?
Leopold IV

3642 (in Kanjor)

3653 (in Rildanor)

3652 (in Kanjor)

3659 (in Rildanor)


(*) Rildanor declared independence and left Canrille in 3426. All monarchs on the list from 3426 to 3652 ruled Kanjor alone, but continued to claim the throne of Rildanor, with the exception of a brief spell between 3530 and 3540, during which HenrI V titled himself simply King of Kanjor and the Tondelle. During his brief spell reigning in Rildanor, Leopold IV continued to claim the throne of Kanjor despite having been deposed there in 3652.

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